Trip Packing

Summary: What we pack for trips. Lesson: Plan ahead for less stress The Miller family takes a lot of trips, especially since we moved to Europe. We all love getting out of Dublin and exploring new areas. Packing for six people, 4 of which are children under 10, is not an easy task. I’ve always been super organized and through some heavy trial and error, I think I finally have a good system in place.…

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adventure travel

Welcome to San Francisco

Friday night Kevin and I packed our bags and headed down to San Francisco for a week. Kevin is manning a booth at the VMWorld trade show at the Moscone Center. His company pays for him to fly down, pays for the hotel, and covers all food expenses for the trip. Kevin knows how much I love adventures and exploring new areas, so he likes to bring me along. We only have to pay for…

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Baltimore travel vacation

East Coast Trip

So, I’m on a plane to Baltimore and my first East Coast trip. I’m really excited and pumped about all the new adventures the week holds for me. Kevin drove me to the airport this morning with a few pit stops along the way. We stopped at McDonald’s where they got his order wrong. Then, I stopped at work because I had a disk the boss needed this week. While at the office, I introduced…

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Dangerous Bathroom Adventure

I decided I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I waited until the shaking was nearly finished. I had to wake up the people next to me to get out, even though I offered to just climb over and stick my bum in their face (which makes for a much more interesting plane ride). Anyway, I made my way shakily to the back of the plane. There was one other person waiting to use the…

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