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On November 18th, we went to the Dr. to go over our birth plan for Baby Miller. I was 36 weeks pregnant and he was getting so big. After chatting with the Dr for a bit, she began her normal exam. As she was feeling for the baby’s positioning a strange look crossed her face. She said she wasn’t sure, but it felt as if the baby’s head was in my rib cage and his bottom along my pelvis…breech. She left the room and grabbed the ultrasound machine to see for sure. Sure enough, we could see clearly on the ultrasound that baby Miller was indeed breech. This presented a problem because of how far along I was, there was little room for him to turn around in utero. The problem with a breech baby, especially if it is your first, is that it is hard to tell if the head will be able to make it through the pelvis. In a normal birth, baby will come out head first and the Dr. can tell if the head will fit through or not right away. Also the skull isn’t fused together tightly in order to help with the journey through the birth canal. With a breech baby, they come out feet or butt first and the head comes out chin first. If for any reason the head isn’t going to fit through the birth canal you find yourself with a bunch of issues or a baby who dies during delivery.

All this being told to us, we were given two options. The first option was to get a version. This is when you go in and the Drs. try to turn the baby around. It has been said it is very painful on the mother and only about 50% successful. In many cases where the version works successfully, the baby turns back around before delivery. The second option is to schedule a C-section, which is also what would happen if the version didn’t work.

Kevin and I wanted a natural birth so we choose to schedule a version for the following Monday. Over the weekend, I spoke with a few people, family and friends, and felt in my gut that a version wasn’t really the best choice for me or baby. If Baby Miller wanted to be upside down, then we would have him cut out via C-section. The version no longer sounded like a good idea. Also, his due date was Dec. 16 and we wanted him out as far from Christmas as possible. We canceled the version and scheduled the C-section. Now, we had a date for baby to come and the planning for it became so much easier. We were going to meet our baby boy on Dec. 10, 2010; a day after my 39 week of pregnancy.

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