23 JulHalfway There…

I am quickly entering into my 5th month, which means I am halfway there and thank goodness for that. Its all downhill from here. I have been feeling so much better and finally have almost all my energy back. Its been really great for the past month that I have almost forgotten how awful my first trimester was. I have spent the last month or so catching up on all the things I let go to the wasteside while lacking any energy to get up off the couch. Hopefully, in the next week or so I will be able to get back to my writing, which I am really behind on.

June and July have been very busy months for Kevin and I and it seems things are finally slowing down a bit. We seemed to have had a lot going on almost every night. We started taking a Spanish class two nights a week at the community college near us. In 2014, we plan on taking a trip down to South America…actually we plan on driving all the way down and around South America to be exact. Another thing that took up our time was driving out to Port Orchard every weekend for some family gatherings and to visit Trenton. In July, we also had a Peterson Family camping trip out to La Push (but we’ll save that for another blog). It seems now, things are slowing back down to our regular laid back pace. We are putting off continuing our Spanish classes until the fall when things are more stabilized and we have less going on.

The baby’s room is coming along nicely. We have already purchased a crib with a mattress and an infant carseat with two bases (one for each car) and a stroller that the carseat clicks right into…did i mention we have only spent $140 on all that? I love craigslist!! I think we are getting a few items as well from family and friends, so looking forward to that.

Our next big event takes place on Tuesday, July 27th, when we get our ultrasound to find out the baby’s gender. We can’t wait and are praying that baby will cooperate and show us the money. It will be so much fun when we can start buying some clothes and gender specifc things like sheets and blankets and all that fun stuff.

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