Six Weeks to a Healthier Me


So, six weeks ago, or so, I wrote about my choice to go low-carb. I gave up breads, pastas, and junk food for Lent as a starting point. Now, Lent is over and I’m choosing to stick with my low-carb lifstyle and I love it. I lost 10 lbs and have about 10 more to go, plus I would like to tone it up a bit.

Going low-carb was one of the hardest things I did, at first. No breads, no pasta, no junk food, killer. For the first week, I was hungry all the time. I would snack on cheese sticks, veggies, and almonds all throughout the day. I discovered little treats I could have like jello and whip cream and creamer in my coffee.

As the weeks past, I fell into a nice routine and found some stuff I could eat that would fill me up. Honestly, I think I just had to teach my body that carbs sitting in the gut was a bad thing. In the morning, I eat scrambled eggs with cheese (and sometimes spicy sausage), for lunch I make a low-carb wrap with meat, cheese, mayo, and mustard, and for dinner I make some sort of meaty dish.

A few weeks back I got myself a low-carb crockpot cookbook that I am in love with. I made 3 meals out of it last week and have three meals lined up for this week. Eating low carb gets easier and easier with each passing week. The hardest part is finding low-carb things in the grocery store. They have gluten-free stuff galore, but sugar-free and low-carb isn’t quite as popular. I have found a few websites where I can order low-carb things. I should be getting my first order in the next few days. I bought some low-carb baking mix, sugar-free chocolate chips, sugar-free honey, and some coffee mixes that are low-carb.

I no longer eat snacks all throughout the day. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have no need for snacks. I feel better about myself and watching the pounds go away is always a good feeling. I just recently started working out again, doing weight training and some cardio, which has kicked my weight loss back into gear. I had stopped working out while my body adjusted to low-carb, but then got lazy and busy. Now, I’m working out in the mornings again and I can feel all that excess fat burning away.

I’m glad I choose to give up carbs for Lent and I intend to embrace a more healthy lifestyle full of protiens, fruits, and veggies and very little carbs or sweets.

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