Mapi Gets a New Throne



Mapi is probably the most spoiled cat around these parts. He has tons of little mice to play fetch with. He has two or three special forts build just for him because he likes to be buried when he sleeps. And he has many humans to pet him, cuddle him, and do his dirty work. Mapi Deuce is clearly the most spoiled thing in the house, besides maybe Trenton (but he deserves to be spoiled).

For weeks Kevin has talked about building Mapi a ramp across the living room wall up to a perch in the top most corner of the room, and the highest point in the house. Mapi likes to look down on his minions from his high perches.


Finally, Kevin found the time to build the ramp. Over the course of a few months, we slowly accumulated all the supplies we needed to make this happen. It became a matter of finding extra time to construct it.

Kevin spend a few hours on a Friday night putting the pegs in the wall, carpeting the wood, and hanging the wood to complete a masterpiece for a cat. Mapi watched with curious eyes the whole time; it was like he knew something amazing was about to happen and his life would never be the same.



Once the ramp was done, Mapi was a little unsure on how to proceed. Kevin put him on the ramp and then used the laser pointer to guide him to his perch. It took a few trys, but Mapi finally made it to his perch and peered down at us.


The ramp is a little narrow and sits against the wall, so Mapi had to back down the ramp a few times, which was hilarious to watch. He would get halfway up the ramp, get scared, and back quickly down. He hasn’t quite figured out that if he makes it to the perch he can turn around.


We also discovered the perch is a little small for Mapi to lay out on, so eventually Kevin will fix that and make it a bit bigger. For now, Mapi enjoys going up and down the ramp and overlooking his vast kingdom.


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