The Painting Never Ends


What started as a simple painting project, the guest bathroom, turned into almost three weeks worth of projects. In a previous blog, I wrote about painting the guest bathroom which led to the painting the doors in the hallway, which led to painting the cabinets in the master bathroom, which led to painting the master bathroom, which led to painting the hallway, which led to not wanting to paint again for a long time.

Not only did I paint, but I switched out all the outlet from off-white to white. I was in full project mode last week and the house looks great now.

Here are some pictures of my projects:

 001_QVga  It’s always hard to tell colors from pictures, but here I painted the ceiling which was a strange yellowish shade and is now white.

003_QVga  Same thing with the walls, this is Kevin’s side of the bathroom. The walls were a pinkish shade and I painted them a light tan-ish shade.

 009_QVga I painted the cabinets in our bathroom, but went back and decided the baseboards needed to be painted too.


Here are the walls, this one is the hallway, but the bathroom walls were the same pinkish shade

 IMG_0877_QVga Before

 IMG_0883_QVga After

Before I could paint inside the actually bathroom area, where the shower and toilet is. I had to clean mold and mildew off the ceiling and then apply Killz. Here is my outfit and how I protected my face and eyes. I couldn’t find any goggles so I had to use my shooting goggles and I didn’t have a mask so I used a do-rag. It was hard to breath and my goggles kept fogging up, but it was entertaining none-the-less.


I love projects, but I think it is time for a break.

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