Road Trip: The Journey Home


Saturday morning started out just about as relaxing as the night before ended, relaxing. Coffee was made and ready when I made it downstairs. The boys were all gathered around the kitchen table chatting up a storm. I quickly made a cup of coffee and joined them. Jim was so upset that they had run out of vanilla creamer, that he ran to the store and got some just for me (I like coffee with my creamer).

After spending the morning with John and Jim, we headed towards Los Angeles. We had plans of meeting up with Adam once more, but this time at his house. On our way our of town, we stopped to see our good friends Brian and Michele. I had met them back in September when we went to San Francisco. Now, they have moved down to San Diego and bought their first home. Kevin and I were so excited for them and to see their new house.


Of course first things first, I got my full tour of the place. Gorgeous house. They are still in the moving process, but the house looks great. I can’t wait to see it fully put together, and if that means another trip to San Diego sign me up.



We spent a few hours chatting with Brian and Michele and then continued our journey north to La Habra Heights. This is the city Adam, and our roommate Marty, met and grew up. The view from Adam’s house was spectacular, overlooking the city.


His driveway was a little scary, but other than that the house was great. Once again, I got my tour; three tours in two days is a dream come true!


Anyway, after the tour we spent some time talking and just shooting the breeze. Shelly and Adam, but mostly Shelly, made us dinner. After dinner, we looked at Adam’s pictures from the weekend and had a few good laughs.

Kevin and I decided to head north that night to break things up a little bit. We didn’t want to get home after midnight on Monday morning, Kevin had to work. We left at 8pm and drove until about 2am. Kevin only needs a few hours of sleep and he had already slept for 2 hours while I drove, so we slept in the back of the Escape for a few more hours before hitting the road again.

As we drove through the Mt. Shasta area, I had to get some pictures of the mountain and the lake. It was difficult while driving, but made for some entertaining pictures and moments.

Here are some of the better pictures:




Kevin and I returned home at about 6pm on Sunday night. We were pretty exhausted, but I’m glad we went. It was a short trip and a long drive, but it was worth it to see our friends and meet some new people. All in all, this was our last trip of 2009 and first trip of 2010 and I know there is much more to come in the following years.

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