Road Trip: Part 2

Our second day in San Diego was pretty great. Once we actually got off the road and some decent sleep, we were ready for a fun filled day in most beautiful cities in California.

We started the day with breakfast at Hennessey’s. We all chatted and talked and got to hear all the stories from the night before. It was great to catch up.

After breakfast we walked around the outdoor mall for a bit and then realized we were all still tired from the night before. We headed back to the hotel and took some power naps. Since we were in San Diego, it was most important that we go and see the ocean, I love the ocean.

We took the Reesman crew down to Coronado beach and it was beautiful. I had been there once back in high school, and it was just as gorgeous as I remembered.


Kevin and I headed immediately toward the water; I have to stick my feet in the ocean whenever I’m near it.

beach walk_Vga

The water was freezing.


We walked along the beach for awhile and then the we were lucky to witness one of the most beautiful sunsets I have ever seen. It started out pretty enough and then it just turned all these amazing colors, almost as if the sky was on fire.

 IMG_1424_QVga  Here we all are at the beginning of the sunset

sunset_Vga This picture is not photo shopped its the real deal.

Pretty amazing if you ask me.

After watching the sun set, we took the Reesman crew back to their hotel and Kevin took me to meet his friends John and Jim, who only lived 5 minutes from where we were. I had never met John and Jim, but I had heard a lot about them. It was great to finally met them in person.

We got to their condo and John immediatly gave me a tour (I love tours). The house is absolutely gorgeous and every room is painting a different color, I tried to get some ideas for my own house. I wish I had the same eye for choosing colors as they do.

We went out to dinner at a Chinese place a few blocks down; it was awesome to get out and walk in the cool evening in January; you can’t do that in Seattle without freezing or getting wet. After dinner, we just relaxed and watched a movie on Netflix.

It was a great day in San Diego’; starting the year out in San Diego!!! Hanging out with friends and then ending the day with relaxing. Who could ask for anything more?


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