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So, I finally finished the final draft on my book. There is still much to be done before it hits bookstores (crosses fingers). The entire process from writing to publishing will have to be a completely different blog.

I decided this week I would take a break from the writing biz and concentrate on some projects around the house I have been meaning to do…mainly, painting. I am completely tired of the ‘smoker’ yellow paint around the house that was used on every cabinet and door. I was also tired of the ugly wallpaper in the upstairs bathroom and was ready to see that go away.

IMG_1354_QVga (ugg, really?)

IMG_1357_QVga (the ugly yellow, but painted trim)

I started with the bathroom cabinets, disassembled them and painted them over with fresh white paint. While those were drying, I decided all five doors in the hallway needed to turn to white as well. So, I painted all the doors except the closet door because I was running low on paint.

IMG_1356_QVga (that looks much better)

Then, I decided it was high time to make the guest bathroom more pretty. I started with a coat of Killz to kill to the wallpaper. We bought the odorless kind, but I think I still got a little high using it. Not to mention, I’m a sloppy painter and ended up with paint all over me. Luckily, I wore an old pair of jeans and a long sleeve t-shirt, bandana in my hair, and latex gloves on my hands; so the only place that was splattered with paint was my face.

IMG_1355_QVga (the set-up)

Kevin and I picked out a nice light taupe color for the bathroom walls and after the killz dried, I applied one magnificent code of taupe paint and that is all it took. I’m extremely satisfied with how the bathroom turned out and I actually don’t mind going in there now.

bathroom 001_QVga









bathroom 002_QVga







bathroom 003_QVga

My next project is the bathroom in the master bedroom. We have a unique set-up in the master bathroom in that we both have our own individual sides with a closet and sinks, and the toilet and shower are between us with pocket doors to close off the toilet if you need to.



(This is my side, and there’s that ugly smoker yellow again, ugg.)

It took me some time, but I painted the cabinets with a cherry wood-like gel paint (that takes forever to dry). I painted the closet doors and pocket doors the white color I’ve been using all around the house. I got a little sick this past week, so I’m not quite finished with all the painting, but so far it looks way better.

Jan 081_QVga 

Jan 082_QVga

Jan 084_QVgaKev’s side

Wow what a difference a few coats of paint really makes.  Now, the walls are showing up as a pink-ish color and I really can’t have that. My next job is to find a nice, light color to paint the bathroom walls and maybe the bathroom.

I love projects that improve the look of the house and I love the freedom Kevin gives me to do these projects. His thought is basically if I want to make improvements, he is all for it, as long as I don’t expect his help in all the projects. Don’t get me wrong, he will help if I need it, but for the most part I do projects while everyone is at work and I really enjoy it. I’m looking forward to doing more projects in the future and making the house a fun place to live.

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