Getting icky with it

I do a lot of work around here to keep the house looking good and ‘earn my keep’ as I like to call it. I have to admit its not all sunshine and rainbows. Sometimes I really have to get my hands dirty and hold back my vomit.

Two of the last clean-up jobs I did required a strong stomach and a lot of holding my breath.

Almost a year ago, Kevin and I decided to go with some granite tile for the counter tops as a new updated look to the house. Kevin, who I really love with all my heart, likes to start things, but isn’t always the best at finishing things…but I still love him. He got as far as cutting out most of the tile and setting it out on the counter, but he didn’t glue it down or add the grout. I have to say it did look pretty good:


However, I noticed over the last few weeks that water was leaking in between the cracks and when I accidently moved a tile, I got a whiff of the most disgusting, make me gag smell, ever. It bothered me so much that one day I manned up and decided I needed to just remove the tiles until we were ready to commit to gluing and grouting. Of course, this meant I would have to bare with  the smell and scrub the counter tops down.

Here are some pictures of the wonders I found beneath the tiles:




Pretty disgusting right?

Well, now the counter tops are granite tile-less and clean. Maybe someday we will finish that project.

Another one of my gross projects was quite by accident. While I was preparing to paint Kevin’s side of the bathroom, I had to pull down a light from the ceiling.


and when I did, I tried not to scream. I was standing on a chair directly under this light mind you…


Okay, so the build up was better than the result, but it was pretty gross. I used a vacuum and sucked all the dead bugs out.

So, while projects are fun and make me feel like I’m doing some good around the house, sometimes I have to do some pretty nasty things. But, if I don’t do them, who will

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