Changing up the Outlets

Keeping up with the changes made around the house, it was also time to update the outlets in the house. This means changing the off-white color switches and outlets and face plates to white. Here are the old ones:

017_QVga 018_QVga

Kevin started in the kitchen many months ago, but failed to finish. I was quickly painting up a storm and as I finished I figured it was time change the outlets as well. I didn’t want to just change the face plates while keeping the off-white light switches and outlets; it just looked strange. I figured it was time to quickly learn how to switch out the outlets myself; otherwise, I might be waiting a long time.

I’m just a girl and I don’t know much about electrician or wiring work, but I’m pretty smart and figured I could figure it out on my own. The first thing I did was got to youtube and watched a few videos. I looked easy enough, I just had to put the wires in the same spot.

The first thing I did was go downstairs and try to decipher the fuse box so I could cut the power, knowing if I didn’t I would shock myself.

Here are the steps to changing an outlet:

010_QVga (here is the original one)

So first, you have to unscrew the outlet from the wall and pull it out to disconnect the wires.


The easiest way for me to do that was to simply break the outlet, meaning I stuck a screwdriver in the little dips and broke pieces off and pulled the wires out.

Next, I used a small set of pliers and curved the end of the wires a bit to fit around the screws. On an outlet, there are four wires to connect and then a grounding wire on the bottom of the outlet. It was a pain at times to wrap the wires around the screws, but I powered through it and hook everything back up.


The hardest parts are over. Now it is simply pushing the wires back into the wall, screwing the new outlet in place, and replacing the faceplate.

013_QVga 020_QVga

I changed about 20 outlets and light switches out. It was a long process, some taking longer than others, but I completed it. The light switches are a lot easier to switch out because they only have two wires, unless you are changing a two-way light (a light that can be switched on and off from two different places).

Through it all, I only hurt myself one time. A small slice with the screwdriver, for changing so many outlets and being…well, me, one cut is like a Christmas miracle.


So again, if I can do it anyone can do. Why wait for your man to finish things up when you can just do it yourself? That is my new motto, but there are so many things I need to learn how to do first before I throw the man out the window…and I really like him.

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