Book Obsession


Every since I was a kid I loved to read. When I was in grade school, I would spend many afternoons and weekends holed up in my room with some good books. Back then it seemed I could read one or two books in one weekend. Of course, the books I read back then were much simpler to read, with shorter chapters and fewer pages. Books like The Babysitter’s Club and Sweet Valley High and even, Nancy Drew were among my favorites.

These days, the books I read are longer and more in depth, in a way. I still love to read, but instead of going through a book or two on the weekends; it takes me about a month to read one book. I usually only read at night before bed. Some nights that means one or two chapters and other nights it may mean half a book.

007_QVga My nightstand with the current read.

Even though I don’t read as fast as I used too, I am constantly buying new books. These usually means I have a stack of books to read that never goes down because I’m always adding to it. Last night, I told Kevin he needs to cut me off from buying books until I go through the ones in my nightstand bookcase; all the books I have yet to read.


I keep most of the books I haven’t read by the bed, so I have some choices when I finish up a book. Once, the book has been read I move it downstairs to the big bookshelf in case I want to read it later.

IMG_9559_Vgadownstairs bookcase

These days, I’m reading the Twilight series. I had read the first two books and half of the third book before I got bored and needed to read some good mysteries. I like variety and I like to mix things up a bit; I have a hard time reading straight through any series without a break because I get bored. Now, I’m back to reading Eclipse, this time all the way through and I will read the final book as well, before going back to a mystery book or maybe a James Patterson book.


All I know is that I love to read and I love having options on books to read. My goal is to read all the books next to my bed and then some downstairs that I haven’t read yet; all this before I go out and buy some new books. I’m going to have to read fast though, because some of my favorite authors have new books out and I’m going to want to buy them as soon as they come to paperback.

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