Behr Shout-out


I may have mentioned once or twice about my painting spree. I do have to give a shout-out to Behr paint, the paint I used to paint my walls.

Behr paint is thick, so that I only had to use one coat in the bathroom and it went on smooth and easy with no lines. On the textured walls, I had to do two coats, but there is no skill or magic to applying the paint. With some paints, you have to choose a direction (up and down or side to side) and stick to it or you will get unsightly lines. With Behr, I could haphazardly apply it and the final result still looked fabulous.

I used their basic Ultra white paint for the cabinets and doorways.

047_QVga We went from this ‘smoker yellow’ color to this brilliant white color!


This was done using Behr’s Ultra Pure White, in Satin sheen, its hard to see because I’m really messy.


For the walls I used a color called Indulgent Mocha, and the name alone is enough to make you want to use the color. It is a really light brown, almost a mix between tan and taupe. It was perfect for what I wanted, something to go with the white trim and help brighten up the hallway, not darken it.

We went from this:

016_QVga (2)

To this, its a little hard to tell with camera light, but there is a difference though it may be subtle.


This time we were given semi-gloss sheen because initially this paint was intended for the bathroom. I just happened to have enough left over to do the hallway.

  paint2_QVga paint3_QVga

All in all, I’m very impressed with Behr paint. I have used it all over the house and have not been disappointed yet. This paint goes on so well, we end up having lots left over and still have some colors out in the garage. Great paint and a great price.

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