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I spent the last few days in Idaho to celebrate a late birthday for my oldest nephew Chris who just turned a whooping 15 years old! It was a great visit and sentimental at the same time.

Seven years ago, I first met Chris. He was a hyper but adorable little 8 year old. My sister had met Dave and they announced their engagement and brought Chris over to Washington to meet the family. I remember he was a friendly little guy, he wasn’t shy or reserved at all and he was excited to meet some of his future family. I fell in love with the kid, he was great.

Completed construction, 9-02_Vga Chris and Halie, Christmas time 2003-ish

 I hate that my sister and her family live over in Idaho because I don’t get to see them as much as I would like to. I realize it is only an 8 hr. drive or an hour plane ride, but it is finding the time and money to do it that makes is so difficult.

Over the weekend, I got to spend some time with my nephew. We didn’t go out and do anything but we talked, played games, and just spent some good time together. I see him changing from a little boy into a teenager who will someday be a man. It is fun to watch, even though it makes you feel old. I enjoy listening about what is going on in his life, now that its not all about games and toys, but friends and girls and struggles.


I see a young man where a little boy used to be. I see and hear the search to discover who he is and who he will be in time. It was a great visit and I hope I can make the time to go over there more often in the upcoming years to watch as he continues to change and grow as a person and maybe actually be there for him on his journey.

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Happy Birthday, Chris. I love you!!!

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