Trail Blazers


Kevin and I like to hike on the weekends, but during the week we like to take walks in the area. Some days we walk around the neighborhood and can get 2 miles done in 30 minutes, so its quick.


Recently, we discovered the Tolt Pipeline trail that runs    through town a few miles from our house. We knew the trail was there before we would walk on it for an hour or so, starting at different points.

me, duh (2)_Vgame turning on the stopwatch to time the walk.

A few weeks ago, we Goggled the trail and found that the trail going to the west ended after 3 miles. We decided since were starting to get in better shape that we would just walk to the end one day. So, a couple weeks ago, we did it. The trail was vicious and was more like a hike then a walk. Some of the hills almost killed me and I know Kevin was out of breath, but we loved it.

The pipeline trail actually ends up connecting to the Sammamish River Trail which is part of the Burke-Gilman trail, a popular trail in the area. Anyway, here are some pictures of the terrain on the trail and one of the big hills we had to conquer:

IMG_0551_Vgathe terrain

IMG_0552_Vgathe huge double hill

IMG_0554_Vgapretty leaves changing colors.

I found this cool website by Google that works like a mileage chart for walkers, runners, or bikers. It will let you plot your starting point and ending point and calculate the mileage covered. It will also show you elevation and figure out how many calories you burned based on weight. I use it at least once a day to figure out how many miles I’m doing when I walk around the neighborhood and to figure out new routes. Here is the link:

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