The Search for Poo Poo Point


Kevin and I have been really getting into hiking lately and we love to find new places to explore. This past weekend we had Trenton, and we love to bring him along. He whines and complains for a few minutes, but once we get going on the hike he always has a good time. He is just one of those people who finds something fun in everything he does whether its something he wants to do or not.


On Sunday, we decided to try out a new trail called Poo Poo Point. The name alone makes for a good time. We headed using a really good hiking book with really bad directions. The book basically said “park at Issaquah high school, the trail head is north of the school.” Sounded easy enough.

The school was a huge construction zone and Trenton decided he needed to….well do what the name of the trailhead was. He jumped a fence and used a Honey bucket. This really has nothing to do with my story, I just have to start practicing being a step-mom and torturing the kid.


Anyway, we found the trail that went around behind the school. I found the actual trailhead while the boys climbed a bunch of fences behind the school until they found the trail. We met somewhere on that trail. The trail wraps around the entire back of the school, and there was no direction as too where the trail started. We followed the trail all the way around to the other side of the school, where it ended.


Frustrated, we wondered up to a shooting range and found a trail up there. We ended up following that trail, which went in a circle and brought us back to where we started. The whole hike took about an hour, but it was not Poo Poo Point like we wanted. We still managed to have a good time and enjoy ourselves.


After looking at a few internet sites, I have an idea where we went wrong. We just missed the actual turnoff thinking it was a driveway. Next time, we will actually do the 7 mile hike and make it to the top.

1 thought on “The Search for Poo Poo Point”

  1. Maybe that’s why it’s called Poo Poo, cause that’s what you say when you miss the real trailhead!! “Oh Poo Poo” LOL I’m so funny sometimes. 😉

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