My Busy Week



 This last week has been a rather busy one here in the Miller household. The last two Wednesdays have been spent making the long trek down to Port Orchard to watch Trenton play football.  He really seems to be into the sport this year, so we felt it would be an honor to go watch his games. We get to see him involved in a sport he enjoys and we get to sneak in some extra time with him.


The last two Wednesdays Kevin has used as ‘work from home’ days and his job likes to fill his schedule with conference calls. Last week, we planned our whole driving schedule around these calls. I drove down to Fife while he was on his first call, then we stopped in at Sportco bought some hiking shoes and eat some lunch at Dairy Queen. After lunch, I drove to the Miller Compound in Port Orchard while Kevin took another call. We hung out there for another hour or so, Kevin did more work, and then we headed out to Trenton’s football game. Kevin did a tiny bit of work while at the game, but we both enjoyed the game.


Trenton plays center this year and he is first string, so he plays almost the entire game when his team is playing offense. It is fun to see him play and cheer his team on.


This past weekend was full of adventure as well. Kevin and I have been trying to hike each weekend for the past few months. Last week we decided to kick things up a notch and choose a larger, longer, more difficult hike. Our first choice was Bare Mountain, near North Bend. The hike is an eight mile hike, roundtrip, up 3200 feet of elevation.

We packed up our Camelbak backpacks with water, snacks, and lunch and headed out the door. We meet up a co-worker from Kevin’s work and headed out to North Bend. The directions in book were pretty lousy, and with some further research we found out we needed a forest pass to park. We gave up our dreams for Bare Mountain and choose a similar dream…Mount Si.

mt si (2)_Vga

We drove turned the car around and headed for Mount Si. This hike was also 8 miles round trip and the elevation gain was 3150, so only slightly less. The entire hike took us about 4.5 hours roundtrip. The hardest part was climbing up to the top. I admit, I had to stop…a lot, so that may have been why it took so long.


The hike was good, but hard. I felt accomplished when we finally made it to the top. We took a long break and ate our lunches while enjoying the view of Seattle, Bellevue, and the top of Mount Rainier. It was breathtaking.

view from the top_Vga


The hike down was much easier, but we were all sore. I found it difficult to walk for two days, but it was well worth it. A few months ago we feared we would never be able to do something like hike up Mount Si, but we proved ourselves wrong. We have been working to get into better shape and have enjoyed the hikes we have gone on. We look forward to all the hikes we have in our future, easy and hard.

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