Journey to Seattle

Last weekend Kevin bought us tickets to see the Kevin Smith show in Seattle. Trenton, Kevin, and myself were excited to see Kevin Smith ‘perform’ and spend some time in Seattle. Kevin Smith does a question and answer forum and while he answers questions he goes off and tells stories on his past adventures before finally answering the question, it is highly entertaining.


Of course we needed to make a day of it, so we all got together and tried to figure out what to do. A few weeks ago, Kevin and I found this great bookstore in Bothell called Third Place Books ( It is a small little bookstore located in a mall like setting, complete with a food court. We went to the food court first and ate some lunch, then we puttered around the bookstore for a bit. Trenton and Kevin found some good books and some chairs, while I continued to browse every single aisle of books.

IMG_0576 (2)_Vga

IMG_0579 (2)_Vga

After the bookstore, we decided it was walk time. Kevin suggested we walk around Greenlake; I hadn’t done that in a long time so I was all for it. Trenton didn’t want to go for a walk, he wanted to stay in the car and read…teenagers. We drug him out anyway and he ended up having a great time. Here are some great pictures of our adventures:

IMG_0585 (2)_Vga Trenton and I standing near the water, he is taller than me!!!

 IMG_0594 (2)_Vga Trenton was taking a little nap and Kevin snuck up on him and tried to scare him, but we all know Kevin is not that quiet.


Kevin was inside the box and Trenton could not get in.


After our 3 mile trek around Green lake, we headed out to Benaroya Hall ( to watch the Kevin Smith show. The auditorium was gorgeous and large. This is the place where the Seattle Symphony performs held because the acoustics are just phenomenal. Below is a picture we took from highest balcony point; our actual seats were down on the floor but we snuck up to get a good look.



The day was fun and eventful. Its fun when we can go and do things as a family. We have such limited time with Trenton lately and he is growing up so fast, soon he won’t want to spend time with us. Being about to get out of the house and do things together brings us all a little closer and gives me a great opportunity to spend time with my future step-son and integrate myself into this family.

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