Halloween Adventure



This past Saturday was the annual Halloween Bash at my cousin Lanette’s house. She hasn’t had her party in a few years, so we were all excited she was bringing it back. Lanette is a great host and loves to have theme parties at her home; she is the master of decoration and designs. This past year she build a large pirate ship in the backyard for the kids (she has many little ones running around though none are hers, she is like an aunt to everyone.) With the huge pirate ship in the backyard it made sense that her Halloween party would have a pirate theme to it.

The party wasn’t until 8pm and Kevin and I had to go all the way from Woodinville to Graham, 1.5 hr drive each way. Knowing that we were only going to be able to stay a few hours, we decided we needed to make a day out of the journey (notice a pattern here). We are working on a few home projects so we planned on stopping at Home Depot and Fred Meyer on the way out. I told him I knew of a walking path in Puyallup we could spend an hour on and get some exercise, we like walking. Then, we planned on stopping at my parent’s house for dinner and a quick visit with grandma.

Once we got to Puyallup, we walked along the Foothills Trail for 45 mins. It was a pretty simple trail, nothing too complicated. After our walk, we headed out to the parent’s house. Mom made some awesome potato soup from scratch. It was her first time making it and it tasted delicious. After visiting with the parents and grandma for awhile we started getting ready for the party.

Kevin and I had no real intention of dressing up at all; we hadn’t made any plans to do so and I’m not usually into dressing up. My parents, Jonathan, and Jessica all had costumes picked out, so I decided to see if I could find anything entertaining to wear. I tried on a few different things and then decided to wear an army coat and hat; Kevin wore a hat with a pirate symbol on it. My dad was Christopher Columbus, mom was a soldier too, Jonathan was Dwight Shrute, and Jessica was a greek.

The party was fun. There were lots of people and lots of good food. I got to see some people I haven’t seen in awhile; mostly family. I was hoping to see some old co-workers, but they weren’t there; at least not while I was. It was still a good time and Kevin and I were able to duck out at 10pm as we discussed. Our plan for Sunday was a dangerous hike, but that is another post.

Here are some pictures from the event:

IMG_0568_Vga Kevin in his pirate hat

IMG_0575_Vga Jonathan and Jessica

IMG_0586_Vga My dad as Christopher Columbus, not a king

IMG_0589_Vga My brother Brian as Waldo and his girl Caroline as Twister


IMG_0646_Vga Me in my army outfit

IMG_0648_Vga My mom and me with a sneaky Jessica

IMG_0583_Vga Ripping up the dance floor.

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