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This year Trenton has decided to play football, and though the season is almost over (one more game) Kevin and I have supported his wishes. He has games every Wednesday at 3:30 over in Port Orchard. We missed most of the games in Sept, but have made it a point to go to every game this month.

Kevin and I are not huge sports fanatics and we barely even know the rules of football, but we pretend to know and that makes it even more fun. I know a couple positions on the team like quarterback, full back, half back, and center, but don’t really know what any of them do except the quarterback. I now know what the center does because that is the position Trenton plays. It is the gayest position on the team…I only say that because, well look at the picture:


Anyway, Wednesday (two days ago), Trenton’s team won their first football game in two years. The varsity team at the junior high has won almost every game for the past two years and the JV team has done the opposite. It was a pretty exciting game actually. Both teams did well. Once our team started scoring some points, the boys let adrenaline take over and they were having fun. It was fun to watch, even when though it was sprinkling on and off.


Trenton is giving me the thumbs up after they won.



Team huddle with coach after the game.


Junior high football is funny to watch because some parents are so intense. They are out there shouting and yelling at their kids on the field. Kevin and I just sit and laugh. As long as Trenton is having fun, we are proud of him. He doesn’t have to be the best player on the team and he can even make some mistakes, we just want him to have fun. I mean seriously, its junior high, half of these kids won’t even play in high school and only a hand full will try to get scholarships for college; so relax.


Anyway, after the game we asked Trenton if he wanted to come to dinner with us. A Christmas miracle happened and his mother actually agreed to release him for a few hours. We were shocked and pleasantly surprised all at the same time. Trenton wanted to go to Spiro’s a great pizza joint.


The poor kid must have been starving because he ate a salad, cheesy ravioli, and couple slices of our pizza. Kevin and I had some salad and split a pepperoni and sausage pizza. It was good and we had fun with the kid. After we took him to visit his grandparents for an hour before returning him to his mother’s house. It was awesome to be able to celebrate Trenton’s team win with him and spend extra time with him when we get so little time these days.


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  1. YAY..way to go team. Glad you all were able to celebrate together. Yum, the pizza looks really good too.

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