Winchester Mystery Mansion and Beyond


Saturday night, we continued our adventures in San Francisco. Kevin’s friends from his email group Brian and Michele took us in for the night. Michele was having a birthday party for her 40th, so we joined the fun. It was fun to sit by the pool, relax, and meet some new people. Everyone was super nice and Brian and Michele are great people. Sunday morning they took us to one of their favorite breakfast spots, Hobee’s. I enjoyed a great breakfast of the cheesy scramble and it was cheesy indeed.


Michele had a great epiphany Sunday morning that we should go check out the Winchester Mystery Mansion in San Jose. She had gone on the tour one time and enjoyed it, the three of us had never been and it sounded like fun. I had heard of the mystery mansion on television and on Ghost Hunters as well. Sarah Winchester was heir to the Winchester gun fortune after her husband died. They also had one child, who died as an infant of an illness. Sarah was alone for most of her adult life. Many people thought she was crazy and the proof lies within her strange mansion. She may have been a little nutty, but I think she was also ingenious with some pretty modern technology for her time.


This is a Gingerbread Model of the House

Legend has it that Mrs. Winchester feared being haunted by the ghosts of those killed with the Winchester rifles. She thought the spirits told her they would stay away as long as she never stopped construction on her home. So, for the next 38 years, Sarah would start many renovating projects and build some pretty strange oddities in her home. The mansion is huge and has over 160 different rooms. Some of the oddities are the Door that Leads to Nowhere, it’s actually called that, some doors that open to walls and a staircase that leads to the ceiling. Sarah’s fortune was so large it is said she made about $1000 a day, which back in the day was a lot of money. She had the kind of money where she could do anything to her home, and she did.


 She had a lot of stained glassed windows throughout the home and they were gorgeously preserved.


We all enjoyed an hour tour around the inside of the house. We also bought the “behind the scenes” tour, which was a tour around the outside, basement, and other areas not accessible to the average visitor.  For more on the mansion, view this website:

After the mansion, Kevin wanted me to see the coast line and put my feet in the water. He knows I love the ocean and it is something I love to do whenever possible. Brian and Michele were more than happy to take us on a driving tour. They drove us down to Santa Cruz and along the coast on Highway 1. We stopped at one point, got out, and put our feet in the water. It was very windy and very cold.




From there we went to The Distillery bar and grill which is in Moss Beach, CA, right near Half Moon Bay. The Distillery was a nice place to eat with a great view of the ocean; unfortunately, it was foggy over the water so the view was a bit lacking. The Distillery is home of the famous legend of the Blue Lady, a ghost that is said to haunt the restaurant. Sorry to report, we saw no such ghost.

Meeting Brian and Michele was a treat and I hope to visit them again if we are ever in the city in the future. I can’t wait to see what other adventures await us in the little town.

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