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Friday night Kevin and I packed our bags and headed down to San Francisco for a week. Kevin is manning a booth at the VMWorld trade show at the Moscone Center. His company pays for him to fly down, pays for the hotel, and covers all food expenses for the trip. Kevin knows how much I love adventures and exploring new areas, so he likes to bring me along. We only have to pay for a plane ticket for me and then I’m included in the hotel expense and most of the food expenses; works out great for both of us. During the day while Kevin is working, I try to do freelance writing, blog posts, or work on my book. In the evenings, we enjoy exploring the city.

For this trip, we decided to come down a few days before the tradeshow and spend some time playing with friends in the area. Friday night we were picked up from the airport by Clint. Clint is Kevin’s friend and old roommate of at least 7 years. Clint moved down to San Fran about 18 months ago with his job and had fun playing tour guide with us. We got lost at the airport and thought we were waiting outside at arrivals, but really we were outside of the International Departures. Apparently, the airport has three levels and after Clint drove around in circles for about ten minutes, we finally found each other.  After that, it was smooth sailing to Clint’s home.


Saturday morning, Clint woke us up to the wonderful smells of homemade Biscuits and Gravy and scrambled eggs. Very good stuff. Then, Clint, his girlfriend Angela, and Angela’s daughter Stevie took us on a tour of the city. We left the house with one goal in mind, Pier 39.  I wanted to check out the Pier, see the bay, and sneak a look at the Rock (Alcatrez). We wanted to take a tour of Alcatrez, but didn’t buy our tickets in time; however, Kevin and I have tickets for Thursday evening to go and do the tour.

 Alcatrez great view_Vga_QVga

The view from the pier was spectacular as it was a hot, sunny, clear day. Clint showed us the largest candy store with rows and rows of salt-water taffy.


 We enjoyed walking around the waterfront for a little bit. As we were looking in the water, I caught a few glimpses of sea lions and finally snapped a good picture of one. Of course, as we continued to walk we found an area where all the sea lions were hanging out and basking in the sun. It was actually more funny than anything; the fact that we were trying so hard to get a picture of one quick moving sea lion and we go around a corner to find a whole herd.

 Close-up of a Sea Lion_Vga_QVga

 California Sea Lions_Vga_QVga

After our time on the Pier, Kevin saw a cool building on the side of a bus and wanted to go see it. It turned out to be the Palace of Fine Arts Theatre. The building was pretty cool and is over 100 years old. There is a pretty pond that circles in front of it, so we spend some time walking around that area.


Fine Arts Building_Vga_QVga 

After the Fine Arts Theatre, we all went out to Roundtable pizza for dinner. From there, Clint took us to Brian and Michele’s house where we would spend Saturday night. We had a great time with Clint, Angela, and Stevie and look forward to seeing them again over Labor Day weekend.

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