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Sunday night we were finally introduced to our hotel, the Powell Hotel. This place scares me a bit, but over the past few days I have gotten used to it. I give the hotel one thumb down and one thumb wavering in the middle. Here is my review:

The Powell hotel is an older hotel located in the heart of downtown San Fransico. It is close to major shopping, like Old Navy, Macy’s, Juicy Couture, and the Westfield shopping center. The Bart and Muni or just steps away from the hotel’s front door; both can take you anywhere in a matter of minutes.

The hotel is older and offers no real amenities including the lack of air conditioning. The hallways are narrow and the rooms are small. Don’t be confused by the pictures on the website, they can be deceiving.  We got a room with two double beds, two very small double beds at that. The bathroom is also small and there is barely enough room to turn around in it. The bathroom does have three mirrors, including a full length mirror mounted on the door. 



The television offers basic cable and two channels of Encore; most channels come in fuzzy and it’s pretty annoying.  The hotel also has a rather large walk-in closet; however, there are no lights in the closet so when it is dark it is pretty much useless.


As far as safety features go, there are two windows in the room that open all the way. There are no bars or anything on the windows, so if you have small children beware it’s a long way down. There is also a fire escape stairwell right next to our room and those windows stay open most of the night; anyone can go up and down the outside stairs.  There is also a small radiator in each room that is next to one of the beds and not protected by anything. Those things get pretty hot; pretty fast so don’t burn yourself.


I convinced myself our room was haunted the other night. Kevin and I were on one bed watching tv when we heard a noise that sounded like rain. I got up and looked out the window, it wasn’t raining, but I heard a sound resembling trickling water. It was coming from the radiator which was turned on for some reason. I placed my hand over the top and could feel heat coming from it. There was water dripping from one of the valves. I have no idea how the radiator got turned on in the first place, but I turned it off. A few hours later, I heard the trickling water again. I walked over to the radiator and it was back on…dun-dun-dun. I turned it off once again and convinced myself there was a ghost trying to mess with me.


Back to my review, now for the positive.  The hotel is located right in the middle of the city so getting anywhere by foot is a breeze. Kevin and I have probably walked 2-3 miles each day just exploring. We like to walk places and to explore and everywhere we need to be is within walking distance. Pier 39 is across town, but still only 2 miles each way. There are tons of shopping all around the hotel and plenty of places to eat. The Moscone Center, where Kevin’s tradeshow is located, is only three to four blocks away. The trolley turn around is right outside the hotel and transportation is nearby as well.


There is also a small little café downstairs where you can get pastries for breakfast, soup or sandwiches for lunch, coffee, and ice cream. It is pretty convenient for quick snacks or lunch.  

If you want a decently priced hotel in the middle of the city, then the Powell Hotel will probably do. However, if you are looking for a quiet, low-key location, keep looking. I did fail to mention that since there is no A/C, you might want to keep your windows open all night. At night, the city is almost as loud as during the day. There are cars, buses, and trucks driving up and down the street at all hours. Garbage and recycling seems to be collected at wee hours of the morning and there is just a lot of street noise.

I personally, would never stay in this hotel again, but that’s just me.

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