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Currently I work from home on various writing projects and some of my own stuff as well. I usually do a great job staying on task and sticking to deadlines when I’m working on other people’s projects; however, when it comes to my own stuff I lack motivation and am easily distracted. Currently, my office is in the dining room. We have a huge table in there and, while it is slightly cut off from the rest of the house, I can still pay attention to what is going on in the living room. At times it is nice to be able to get some work done, while still being involved in the goings on of the roommates. I am in my own little corner so I’m not distracted by the television and I can easily tune out with earphones and music. This all works well when working on projects for other people, but it only allows for distractions when I try working on my own stuff.


I guess without deadlines and timetables and money on the line, it is easy to let the clutter and chaos get to you. I sit in my “office” ready to write, but then get distracted by the clutter in the living room…must clean, or the dishes stacked in the sink…must clean, or the millions of other little things around the house that are calling out my name. I like to make many “to do” lists, and those can be distracting as well. I think to myself, “well, I finished all my work, I guess I should tackle my ‘to do’ list.” When in reality, I have finished working for other people and not done any writing for myself.


I talked to Kevin about my frustrations with my “office” situation. I told him I was frustrated with myself for lacking motivation and not being able to get work done on my book. I told him about how my current office is too distracting for me and I get caught up on all the household things that need to be done because I can see the mess and clutter. We were sitting in the sauna sweating away and we came up with a brilliant plan. Kevin had ordered some furniture from a sale at Office Depot or Max, anyone one of the pieces was a nice desk and he was struggling with where to put it. The sauna happens to be in one of the extra bedrooms downstairs. It’s a medium sized room and it’s quiet, away from the kitchen and living room and distractions from upstairs. It is also a room I rarely visit.


We decided to create a small office space downstairs. There is plenty of room for a desk in the corner and I can move my computer things down there. If I can have a quiet space, free from distractions, I may have a good chance of getting some of my own work done. We talked about getting some good speakers from my laptop so I can listen to music; I like to do that while I work. Kevin also came up with the brilliant idea of getting a large White Board for jotting down ideas and plot lines and timelines for myself. We are going to hang that on the wall.


If I can devote four or five hours a day to holing up in my downstairs office while no one is home, I think I can seriously get some work done. Sometimes, it takes trying different things to figure out what works best for you. I hope this change of scenery will help me be more disciplined and more motivated to get some work done. If not, we will take a different approach and keep trying new things until something works.

Here are some before and after pictures:

My current Office, cleaned up, usually much more chaotic!


Most of my office supplies are in this corner.

Spare Bedroom with Sauna

This is where the desk will go

This is where we will hang the White board.


So, after a few hours of constructing a desk, hanging a white board, and bringing down all my office supplies; the office is finally finished. I’m not sure how well I like it yet, but it will get the job done and I can have some peace and quiet away from all the clutter. Here are the after pictures:

Here I am putting my desk together, Kevin came down and helped tighten all the screws and jimmy-rigged a corner piece to make it more sturdy.

Here is the new desk, all decked out with supplies, my plant, a candle, and my big screen. I need two screens.

Here is the whiteboard, with no ideas today. Also, my supply stand where all my extra office supplies are and other things I rarely use.

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  1. I love how well the Pens are Orginized on the marker board!!! Looks pretty good down there. I hope you’re able to find what you need to get your done. We can adjust as needed.

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