Earning My Keep

I do more than just write, I also take care of a house full of boys. Not just boys, mind you, bachelors, late twenty, early something single men who need a little extra TLC. Now, don’t get me wrong, I love my roommates, but boys will boys and boys are messy. I take care of Kevin because he takes care of me and it’s in the dating contract.  I take care of the roommates because they pay to live here and I don’t. I kind of like them too but don’t tell them, it will go to their heads.

Anyway, I live with Kevin, two roommates, and every other weekend a teenage boy. Mr. Mapi Deuce, the cat is also male. Living with all boys is a whole new world, one that doesn’t always mix well with my neat-freakish ways.

The Roommates:

Marty and Phil_VgaPhil and Martin 


Kevin and Trenton



My office has moved from upstairs to downstairs. While I was upstairs, I simply used my bathroom in my bedroom which is always pretty clean. Now, that I am downstairs the bathroom directly across from me is most convienient. This bathroom is mostly used by the boy when he comes and both roommates. As it is downstairs and away from the living area, this bathroom is also used for “extra reading time”, wink, wink.

After setting up my office, I used the bathroom and literally almost puked. Sorry, guys, but disgusting is too nice of a word. I made a mental note that this week I would have to clean that if I wered going to continue to use it. The bathtub alone was just unexceptable.


Today was my lucky day. I tackled the bathroom and struggled through the cleaning process, which I only did  a semi-pro job. I first noticed that the tub was not draining properly, so I looked in the drain and gagged.


After struggling with the cleaning out process, I actually puked a little right in the tub. Cleaning hair out of drains is my downfall, one of the few things that makes me gag and, after today, puke. The other is cleaning mold…everything else I seem to be fine with. Anyway, I cleaned out the drained and cleaned the tub up. I even scrubbed some of the tile to get rid of pink mold and soap scum. I find that Scrubbing Bubbles works really great. You just spray it on, leave it for a few minutes to really penetrate, and then it wipes right off.



I also cleaned the toilet and sink out, wiped down the counters, and Windexed the mirror. Now the bathroom is pretty shiny. I didn’t do the floors, but they weren’t that bad. I did vaccum all the cobwebs and spider webs and sucked up at least 8 spiders.  I noticed the sink was draining slowly, so after putting Liquid Plumber in both the tub and sink drains, I had to investigate further. I pulled the plug out of the drain and again gagged. I do draw the line at cleaning out the plug, I can’t do it. I cleaned out two from upstairs once and threw up a few times…I’m not willing to do it again. I think the boys will forgive me and I hope I can talk one of the four boys into doing it.


For the most part, the bathroom is now shiny and clean and I can live here for another month. I can also easily use the bathroom downstairs, without it distracting me from my work.

These are the sort of things I do to pay my way around here.

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