32 Years and Counting

Well it happened; sometime when I wasn’t looking I turned 32 years old; on Sept. 1 to be exact. Time seems to fly when you get older and now another birthday has come and gone. I celebrated this year in San Francisco with Kevin. Kevin is in the city doing a tradeshow for work and it just happened to fall on my birthday.

Kevin wanted me to have a good birthday, even though he had to work most of the day. He gave me some cash money and told me to go on my own personal shopping spree. Since there is so many great stores around here, I was all for it. I’m not a big shopper and I’m a huge bargain hunter, thanks mom. I had a limit and I knew I wouldn’t even reach it if I tried. The first place I went, the Sketchers Store baby. I love Sketchers and almost all my 6 pairs of shoes are Sketchers. I’m not a normal girl if you haven’t figured that much out quite yet. Anyhow, I checked out all the shoes in the store and even looked at those new shape-ups. I didn’t find anything that I couldn’t live without, so I left.

Surprisingly, I ended up spending the most money at Old Navy. The Old Navy store in San Fran is 3 stories and the entire first floor is dedicated to the ladies. I shopped until I dropped, which for me is like 45 minutes tops. I ended up buying a cute jeans skirt that was a size smaller than I normally wear yahoo. I also bought some shirts and a fuzzy hoodie for winter. I’m a simple girl really.

Kevin got off work at 6pm and I made reservations at The Stinking Rose for 7pm. I got ready put on a cute outfit, jeans and t-shirt, and we walked towards the restaurant. Once again, we made a bad judgment and walked up a very stinky, smelly street. This one smelt like garbage, urine, and fish guts, yummy. Eventually though, we made it to our destination.

The Stinking Restaurant is famous for its garlic added, almost in excess, to all the menu items.

I had the clams in buttered garlic sauce and a side of steamed vegetables in garlic butter. Kevin ordered the gnocchi and asparagus in gorgonzola, garlic sauce. Both were very delicious and tasted like garlic goodness.

After dinner, we walked around the city a little bit more to work off our dinner. We found another statue for me to kiss.

We stopped for ice cream at cold stone creamery and I pretended the spoons were my candles to blow out.

Our last stop of the night was a small jewelry place in China Town. I wanted to look at the Sapphire rings, my birthstone. I’m really picky about size and shape of the gems, but just wanted to try one on. I found a shiny one that I really liked. Kevin was going to buy it for me for my birthday, but it was just too much for me to allow him to do that and I wasn’t sure if I really liked it are not. Either way, it was pretty and now he knows what kind of rings I like…

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