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Kevin bought me a little present from Costco on Saturday, a Sonic Care Toothbrush. Now to most people this is a ridiculous gift, but to me it is an amazing one. I haven’t had medical insurance in years and that means no dental coverage either. I have been having fears of getting gingivitis without a proper dental visit. The sonic care toothbrush is said to remove as much plaque from the teeth as dental cleaning would.

I have been using it for about three days now and I feel as if my teeth are cleaner already. The toothbrush even automatically shuts off after two minutes, so you know you are brushing for just the right amount of time. It has many other great features as well like a sensitive setting or a deep cleaning setting, where it beeps after each section is clean. The only downside is that it vibrates and tickles my gums really bad. I usually end up laughing while brushing my teeth, even on the sensitive setting. I also have to remember to not turn it on until the toothbrush is in my mouth; otherwise the toothpaste gets shaken off.

All and all, the Sonic Care Toothbrush is a great investment.

2 thoughts on “New Toothbrush”

  1. I LOVE my sonic toothbrush and I too, have the same goofy mishaps with the toothpaste flying everywhere. hahahahahaha….you gotta love a man who has your teeth in mind! we ‘heart’ kevin!

  2. Dear my teeth feel cleaner: I am holding your sonic toothbrush holder prisoner. If you want it back you’ll have to come get it. Ha-ha-ha-haaaaaaa

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