Mapi Deuce

Sometime in early June we decided we wanted a Bengal cat. MAPI the First died from some sort of poison overdose, so it was time to replace him with MAPI the second or Mapi Deuce as we lovingly call him.. I did some research and found some local breeders who had kittens for sale. I found a breeder with kittens born May 16, 2009. In mid-July, we drove out to Sedro Woolley and meet the kittens.

We had to wait until the kitties were at least 12 weeks and neutered before we could bring the little guy home. So, we started preparing the house for him. I found some old cat dishes; we bought litter and food, some toys, and an automatic water dispenser. The house was ready by the time we brought little Mapi home.

On August 13, 2009, Kevin and I again made the trip up to Sedro Woolley to pick up our cat. We borrowed a cat carrier so the little guy wouldn’t go insane in the car, and headed on our way. Once we arrived, the breeder told us little Mapi was a little shy since being neutered and would need some extra attention; for this reason we got the cat for a measly $200. Pure breed Bengals usually start at $750, so that was a great price. I knew I would be at home all day, so bringing our cat out of his shell wouldn’t be a problem at all.

For the first few days, Mapi refused to come out of the bathroom. He often hid when people came into the room, but meowed when they left. He would peek his head around the corner of the bathroom, but run back inside and hide. After the third day, we started bringing him into the living room. It took him about a day before he really started exploring.


Here is a very scared Mapi, hiding out in the bathroom and shaking every time we came near.


Mapi has been with us for about a week now and he pretty much as free roam of the upstairs. He only goes in the bathroom to use the litter box. He mainly sleeps under our bed, not on it, but under it. He turned into a feisty little kitten, who loves to play and attack things. We have visions of building him a perch that spans across the living room ceiling. We also hope to create some fun attack toys and swinging items for him to play with. Here are some photos showing a much braver kitty who loves to stretch out and sleep and run and pounce on things.



In about two weeks, we are going to start attempting to toilet train him. We have a small device that you put on your toilet. Each week you cut out a small hole until it is completely open. No more litter, no more mess to clean up. If we can teach him to flush the toilet too, we will be golden, but that part may never happen.

All in all, Mapi has blossomed into a fun little kitty. His life with us will be full of fun during his time with us. We are very excited for this new chapter in our life.

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