Hiking with the Family

Hiking is the newest adventure we at the Miller house like to do each weekend. Often times it is Kevin and I and every other weekend we bring Trenton along with us. Most of this month has been busy and I have spent every weekend out in Graham visiting with family from out of town. Last weekend, my sister and her family, my mom and dad, and Brian and Andrada all came out to our house in Woodinville for dinner and a slumber party. My parents, Christi and the kids all left early on Sunday morning to go watch Dave in his Iron Man competition. Brian and Andrada decided to hang out with us and go on a short hike.

We decided to hike Twin Falls and show them the waterfalls. There is one part of the hike where you can go down by the water and climb on the rocks to get a really close view of the waterfall. The hike is only 2 miles and is a relatively short hike, compared to a few we have been on before. There are only a few areas that make you lose your breath up the hills, but it’s a great hike for kids and if you like waterfalls.

It is always fun to get out of the house and get a bit of a workout. We have gone on many hikes around the area and enjoy trying out new areas. A few weeks ago we went out to Cougar Mountain, the Licorice Fern trail. This was an interesting hike because the entrance is right next to someone’s house. There were barely any people on the hike because it is tricky to find. There are a few large hills, but nothing really difficult. Somewhere along the trail is a waterfall, but we failed to find it.

This weekend we have Trenton and who knows where we will end up?

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