My Last Week

If it hasn’t become clear yet, I love projects. I love taking ordinary, or ugly, things and making them pretty. Kevin’s house needs a lot of work done to it, because he is really busy and the house is from the late 70s. Actually, the house is as old as I am, both built in 1977. The original owners decided it would be cool to have every piece of wood in the house an ugly “smoker yellow” color. We’re talking every door, closet door, drawer, and cabinet this dingy color.

A few months ago, Kevin and I painted all the doors and drawers in the kitchen white. The color really brightened up the room and I actually like being in there now.

My project over the last week was the dining room/bar. The dining room is basically done; the walls are a nice shade of brown, with a dark brown accent wall. However, the bar area needed some major work. There was that ugly yellowish color all over the doors.

Kevin and I decided we wanted something dark to go with the theme of the room. We went to an actual paint store and talked to a professional. We decided on a cherry stain, but didn’t want to do all the work. We were recommended an awesome paint, which was more of a gel, that would cover anything and look like a stain. The paint took about 8 hours to dry. I did one coat per day to ensure it would dry completely without smudges.

The finished product is absolutely amazing, I love it. Kevin loves it. The roommates love it. I feel really good about this project and I look forward to doing many more. With this house, there are a lot more areas to paint and transform and with this girl it will get done.

Doesn’t that just look so much better?

2 thoughts on “My Last Week”

  1. Marzola Happenings

    that is awesome! now i know what you can do next time you come out to see us…oh and that explains the ‘bacon vodka’…i was wondering about that! lol

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