Lunch with Grandma

I quit my job for a number of reasons:
1) I was getting bored
2) I wanted to become a writer
3) I wanted to devote more time to projects around the house
Most Importantly
4) I wanted to spend more time with my family.

In November, I packed up my life in Puyallup and moved to Woodinville. My family is in Puyallup and my new life is in Woodinville. They are about a 90 minute drive from one another. Why is this important? My family is important and taking the time to drive 90 minutes is a time consuming process. Add in a full time job, chores around the house, and spending time with your boyfriend and there is little to no time to make that drive.

In January, my grandfather passed away and I knew that I needed to make my grandmother a priory. She is my last living grandparent and I want to cherish the time I have with her. My grandma is a pretty amazing woman. She just turned 83, but doesn’t seem a day past 60. She is healthy, for the most part, and doesn’t need a cane, walker, or wheelchair. She doesn’t walk as fast as she used to, and has always had issues with her feet. She is still pretty active and seems to always be on the go.

She wants to come up to Woodinville to see where I live and visit. I think that would be a blast. Spending a few days with grandma, who could ask for more? She is one of my biggest inspirations. She used to read to me all the time when I was younger, and loved to sit next to her and listen to the stories over and over again. I have always loved books and reading, and thank her for that. She introduced me to my favorite author Mary Higgins Clark by lending me “All Around the Town” and, my personal favorite, “Weep No More My Lady.”

Once I read those two books, I set aside my Judy Blume books and the “Babysitter’s Club” series and turned to mystery and suspense. Now, I am in the process of writing my own mystery novel…all thanks to my wonderful grandmother.

She is also a great inspiration because she is a breast cancer survivor. Through all she has been through, I have never heard her complain. She takes the twists and turns life throws at her and overcomes them. Not only that, she still has many more things she wants to do. Travel and the love for the ocean are two more things I have inherited from my grandma.

As my first steps in spending more time with my family, I took grandma out for Chinese for her birthday. We had a great time. She was really busy that week, her sister was in town from the East Coast, so we didn’t get to spend as much time together as I would have liked. However, I plan on going out there next week and spending some good quality time with her.

I look forward to the time I will spend with my grandmother and the rest of my amazing family.

Grandma and her 11 grandchildren

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