As nervous as I am about being jobless, I am excited for all the projects I can finally get done with all my extra time. I have made myself a daily schedule so that I accomplish writing projects as well as other projects around the house. Also, a schedule will keep me responsible and keep me from sitting on the couch day in and day out gaining weight and accomplishing nothing.

At this time, my home projects outweigh my writing projects and I have spent most of my first week jobless working around the house. Monday, I drove down to Portland to check out Kara’s new place and help her move some stuff from her storage unit into the new place. Her place is in a cute triplex, with two bedrooms, one car garage, and small backyard perfect for her and her roommate. Tuesday, I continued helping her move some stuff, hit up Kohl’s (for a great t-shirt sale), and then drove home to WA. I decided to stop at my parent’s house on Tuesday night, spend the night, and take Grandma out to lunch on Wednesday. I got to Graham early enough to go visit grandma on Tuesday night, turns out she had bible study on Wed. and would not be able to go to lunch. I visited with her for about two hours, we had some great conversations and it was nice to be able to chat with her.

It made me realize how much I really miss my family and how much time I need to spend with them, no regrets right? I invited Grandma over to the Rents house for breakfast on Wednesday morning which was nice to continue visiting with her. Thursday I spent some time with Kevin, which was good for us.



Friday I began some projects I have been meaning to get to. A few months ago, we painted all the cabinets in the kitchen and the walls in the kitchen. I have been meaning to paint the pocket door, which leads to the dining room, and the trim around it and the kitchen ceiling area. There are a few areas on the wall I have been meaning to fix to that have either been smudged or painted with the wrong color. Friday I was able to bust out the painting gear and tackle those projects, and the room looks much better.

I was also able to clean out the refrigerator. Not only was there too much old or unused food items, the shelves were dirty and sticky and gross. It was awesome to be able to get projects done and finally crossed off my list. I look forward to crossing even more things off my list, and blogging about them.



Next week, Kevin and I are going to North Carolina for Kevin’s work. I will be doing a lot more writing next week and then back to projects around the house again. I think everyone should take a week off work to just stay home and tackle those things on their lists that never seem to get done. Luckily, I’m not going back anytime soon.

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  1. baby, you do all the work on the house you want too. I will not stop you!. Thanks for the projects that you do get done, they all make the place much niccer.

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