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Allergic Reaction

Lately, I have noticed some problems with my health; mainly I think I’m low on Iron. I get random dizzy spells and light-headedness and have dark circles under my eyes. Instead of going to the Doctor and letting them figure it out, I decided to try to pump up the Iron in my blood on my own. It is a problem when you don’t have health insurance, it makes you take matters into your own hands and try to “fix” yourself. So, I went out and bought some Iron pills and Vitamin C pills, the C pills help the Iron get absorbed into the bloodstream. I took one pill everyday for about a week. On Sunday night, I started to feel itchy all over, which isn’t that strange for me I have had a lot of problems with my skin in the past few years and have some form of Eczema. Monday night the itching was worse and by Tuesday I started to notice a rash on my arms. Wednesday, I figured out that the itching always got worse at night or shortly after I took my Iron pills. I noticed hives all over my body; arms, legs, shoulders, chest, its ugly. My co-worker looked up Iron pills online and the first thing it says is “seek medical attention immediately if you experience an allergic reaction such as a rash or hives…” Super! I have not sought medical attention, back to the no insurance thing again. I figure I will have to pay a couple hundred dollars for them to tell me to stop taking Iron and take some Benadryl. I have stopped taking the Iron and have been taking Benadryl on and off for the last few days. Kevin spoke to one of his Doctor friends and a nurse friend; they both told me to take Benadryl and in about a week the Iron will be out of the system and the hives will go away. Here are some disgusting pictures of the hives on my body:

As a side note, if you take Benadryl and then drink alcohol the effects are so much greater. I drank a Mike’s Hard Lemonade and took Benadryl; boy did I have a nice buzz. As an alcohol and drug counselor, I would recommend you do not mix these two things and drive…bad.

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  1. In a search to figure out what the heck these little red bumps that have recently popped up on my chest, arms, and shoulders/back, I stumbled upon your post. Much like you, I’ve had some weird skin issues in the past which I’ve attributed to some form of Eczema too, although it hasn’t been an issue in years. In the past few days, I’ve noticed these little red bumps on my shoulders and it’s now spread to my chest and even a little bit on my chin/jaw area and they look VERY similar to your pictures.

    At first I thought I was getting (b)acne or something, but I don’t think that’s the case. Then I freaked out and thought they were bed bug bites, even though I live in cleanliness and wash my sheets quite often, but I’m still totally paranoid.

    I haven’t been taking iron pills or anything and nothing in my life has really changed…I’ve been EXTREMELY stressed out lately and thought to attribute it to that, but that has been going on for quite a few months now. I figure it must be some sort of allergic reaction to something, although due to my past weird skin issues, I always get the pure-style detergent and I always use the sensitive skin soaps and lotions and stuff to be safe.

    In any event, sorry for the long-winded comment, but I’m going to try some Benadryl and hope that it helps. So thanks!

    Side note – I’m currently working on a Master’s degree in substance abuse counseling. Our similarities are creepy!

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