Writing for Profit

In the last few months, I have been wanted to work on my writing skills with the hopes of eventually moving into some sort of freelance writing career. I have realized that the counseling field is not quite doing it for me. There is too much paperwork, too many rules and regulations, too little results, and not enough time in the day to do it all. I have found I am becoming bored and restless, come on it is been almost a year in the same job.

Anyway, after talking things over with Kevin and explaining my thoughts on the matter, he expressed his unfailing support for whichever path I choose. We came to the conclusion that as long as I paid off my car and other large bills, I could quit my job and concentrate on the writing biz for awhile. While most people would jump at the opportunity of being taken care of, independent Michelle has a small problem with that. I can’t rely on other people to take care of me financially, when I am quite capable of taking care of myself. Besides, the little voice inside of me which fears failure started screaming in my head that it would be a waste of his time and money if I found out I couldn’t write after all. I am a harsh critic on myself, but I think I can write in a semi-entertaining fashion.

Two paragraphs later, I get to my point. Kevin introduced me to an amazing site where I could get some practice with writing and get paid. The site is www.rentacoder.com, and it has been an amazing ride for me. I joined the site at the end of December 2008, and received my first payment today, $220.00. Not to shabby if you ask me. I have completed 9 projects, and am currently working on two more. What sort of projects have I done? Here is a short list of my completed projects:
-Ghostwriting an 11 page article on the past seasons of “24”
-Wrote 6 short reviews on various Facebook applications
-Ghostwriting 15 articles on Astrology signs and compatibility
-Wrote a short review on an Itunes application
-Read a book and posted a review on Amazon
-Created a database for a cruise line
-Created a database for a website, stating hits and financials
-Posted a real estate listing to Craigslist
-Edited two articles regarding a company’s software program

Fairly simple projects, some requiring more work than others. I’m excited for the opportunities this will lead too. As I gain more experience with my writing, I am able to build a stronger portfolio and charge a higher rate for my projects. I am waiting for the day I turn my writing into a full blown career. At this time, I am polishing up my writing skills and getting in as much practice as I can. I hope to leave my job soon and spend my days as a writer. I look forward to all the adventures this will lead to, and all the future blogs I will force myself to write.

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