V-Day Comes Early

V-day is coming faster than we can say “Money, Shopping, Diamonds!” I like to think I’m not like normal females who buy into this ‘special’ day, where the more money spent equals how much you love me. I would rather have someone love me every day and show me in his own special way as often as possible. I’m not much of jewelry loving materialistic girl either, so diamonds and shiny prizes aren’t going to do much for me. As an early valentine’s day present, Kevin bought me the following things.

I have a man who knows what I like and pays attention to keep up. The occasional surprise of flowers in my bathroom sink (that’s where he leaves them for me to find), mustard (cause I put it on almost everything), Ranch (cause that goes on everything else), and M&M’s (cause its chocolate). Yes, I can honestly say my man knows me and he knows how to make me happy, mostly without even trying. I can’t believe I am so lucky to have found such a fantastic man. All the money and possessions in the world couldn’t even come close to causing me such complete joy and happiness as Kevin does. I love that man and I know without a doubt that he truly loves me too.

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