Retail Therapy

I had the day off today. I was woken up early (8am) because my sweet Kevin wanted McDonald’s for breakfast and didn’t want to go alone. I reluctantly got up and we got ourselves some good Sausage McMuffins (no egg). We came back home, ate our food, and watched some TV. After a bit, Kevin had to do some work, since he was working from home. I was feeling a bit restless and claustrophobic and couldn’t bare the thought of sitting in front of the TV my entire day off; so I left to do some retail therapy.

I was going to drive out to Factoria Mall, but realized it was about 20-30 mins away. I choose to go to Redmond Towne Center instead, since I had never been there. I wasn’t impressed at all. All the stores are outside, as opposed instead like at a mall, but that wasn’t the annoying part, it would be very nice to walk around if it was warm out. The selection of stores was pretty pathetic; I went to Macy’s and PacSun, that’s all that entertained me. There was a lot of stuff on sale at Macy’s, but nothing that caught my attention. I gave up on the Towne center and went over to the two stores that never let me down: Kohl’s and Target. Kohl’s was having some amazing sales and I even, gasp, tried on some dresses. Here is one of the dresses I really liked on me. Please excuse the socks, buts it is a dressing room and no one would stand on that floor barefoot.

I also found a really cute skirt, but I ended up leaving empty handed. I went to Target and just walked around looking at stuff. I ended up buying a few things, but nothing exciting just the normal toiletries.

After Target, I needed to get a haircut. I don’t think I have had a haircut in over six months and it was time. Not only did I have lots of split ends, but the length was annoying me. I went into Great Clips and all the ladies were Asian (nothing against Asian’s I promise). I didn’t have a good feeling when I went in, but I was too lazy to drive somewhere else. When it was finally my turn, the lady who cut my hair barely spoke English. It was hard to understand her and I’m sure she had no idea what I said. I told her I wanted my hair chopped with layers, the longest layers falling right below my chin. She kept saying “one inch? One inch?” so finally I just said “sure”. She did understand layers though and the haircut did turn out okay; however, it is not as short as I would have liked. I figure I will wait a few weeks and then go somewhere else and get it cut shorter. If I go see my parents this weekend I might be able to talk my mom into doing it for me. I was pretty disappointed with the way the hair turned out. My mood was a little better after my shopping, but then the hair thing brought me back down again. Stupid, it doesn’t look bad but I have to go somewhere else now and pay more money to get it done the way I want. If she had spoken better English I would have asked her to make it shorter, but I just don’t think she understood me.

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