Moving Toward Financial Freedom

A few months ago, I made a financial and emotional decision. I decided to move in with Kevin which would save me about $800 per month. Since living there, I have made many large payments on bills that have been dying for some attention. Today, my efforts and decision has paid off. Today I was able to make a large payment and pay off my car. I officially have bought my first car, fully paid for and everything. The last time I purchased a car, I killed it and still owed $4000 on it, which I have never paid. This is proud moment in my life and I feel like I have made a great accomplishment. Things are looking up for me. I also called my insurance company had dropped from full coverage to just liability, that dropped me from $150 to $63 per month. Quite the savings in my pocket, if you ask me.

I have one more large bill I am paying on, which has a balance of $650. I will take care of that one, with my next paycheck and then I will be debt free. Just sitting back and thinking of all that I can do once I have all this extra money, brings tears to my eyes. Actually, the part that brings tears to my eyes is knowing that in just a few months I can quit my job if I choose. I have been thinking about this for some time, and with my continued unhappiness with the work place, I have made a decision. Kevin and I have talked about it as well, and he is extremely supportive of me. I am would like to concentrate more on my writing, since that is what I enjoy doing. I think if I get a part-time job, closer to my new home in Woodinville, I will be able to spend the rest of the time on my writing. I have been doing projects found on, which for the month of January has earned me $200. I am currently looking for some more freelance websites and hope to build a strong portfolio of my projects. I do find that I enjoy writing and I think I have some talent. I will write more about my freelance writing in a later blog post.

Thanks to Kevin, I am getting out of debt and I am finally able to focus on the things in life that I have always wanted. I look forward to traveling more and, of course, blogging about these adventures. I really feel I am finally in a place in my life that is very satisfying. I don’t regret my past experiences, and everything I have ever done has lead me to this exact place. I have learned many things, made countless mistakes, and got myself way in over my head time and time again. I continue to move forward and I am ready for the next chapter to begin.

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