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I have a slight obsession with organization and cleaning. I first started hanging out with the Miller clan, by that I mean, Kevin and his roommates. When I first starting coming around this house, which is run by three bachelors by the way, I walked into the kitchen and almost had a heart attack. Junk drawers everywhere, food in awkward places, cans and all the food anywhere it could fit. It was too much for me, so I asked in my nicest voice if I could re-organize the kitchen. Kevin sort of shrugged his shoulders and gave me a strange look and said “go for it.” Little did he know what I meant by organize.

I took everything out of the cabinets and put it on the counter. Next, I wiped all the shelves down, they were looking a little worse for wear. Then, I started grouping all the can foods together. For instance, I put all the vegetables like corn, beans, and olives together. I put all the soups together, all the rice together, all the box foods together, and all the pasta items together. It was pretty brilliant and made it so much easier to find things.

Kevin was so amazed he declared a week of a “cabinet diet”, which basically meant we would only eat meals from food from the cabinets. It went over pretty well and got rid of a lot of the canned foods that had been sitting around idle for months. All in all it was a pretty successful overhaul.

I got a little bit of crap from everyone, declaring I was a little insane and obsessive compulsive. In the end, I think I made everyone’s life a little easier and made the food more accessible and easy to find. I love that kind of stuff. I wonder if they have jobs out there were you just organized people and make money doing it.

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  1. ah…a girl after my own heart! i LOVE you morey!!! (btw – just found ur blog. took me long enough!) -bugs

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