My Latest ‘Kevin’ Adventure

My Kevin is my biggest adventure yet, everyday with him is something new and different. There are some days when nothing notable happens. Then, there are days like Friday where I start out shaking my head and rolling my eyes, but end up laughing hard.

Over the past week, we have a an enormous amount of snowfall in the area (about 2 feet to be exact). Finally on Friday, the snow began to melt and the roads began to clear up a bit. However, there was still a bit of snow and ice on the side roads and in parking lots. The snow plows had been extremely busy and therefore snow piles were everywhere as well.

Kevin and I took a trip out to the Home Depot to pick out a new glass stove top. Side note: we have driven everywhere this last week in a 1987 Suzuki Samurai due to the snow, seems it is the only reliable car. So, we took the Sami to the Depot and my adventurous Kevin thought it would be awesome to park on a huge snow hill. He drove at it full speed and stopped perched atop a small snow hill. I was a bit annoyed at first because I didn’t have any boots and where he parked was surrounded by water. He was super proud of himself and had me take some pictures of the event.

We then went shopping in the store for about half an hour. When we came back out, it had started to rain. Kevin went to get the car and was going to pick me up by the front door. I grabbed his camera and said “no way, someone has to document this!” He went for the car and I took some awesome pictures of his attempts to rock the Sami out of its now stuck-on-the-snow-hill position. I tried to hold back my laughter as he struggled to get the car on solid ground. Finally, he climbed out of the car and sadly declared defeat with a pathetic “I think I’m stuck.”

Luckily, he had a car kit in the back with a tow rope in it. He attached the rope to the front of the car and waited for someone to come to our rescue. Help arrived in the form of a good Samaritan with a hitch on the back of a large truck. The kind gentleman pulled the Sami out with no problem. He didn’t even belittle Kevin or think it was strange that he was on a snow hill to start with. Actually, I think when Kevin said, “I think I had a little too much fun,” the guy just shrugged and replied, “that happens.” He was neat.

Kevin was in good spirits the whole time; he was laughing and having fun with it. That’s what is so great about this guy, he is adventurous and even when things don’t quite turn out the way he plans…he is able to laugh at himself. He is an awesome adventure and there are very little dull moments when I am with him. I never know what to expect, but we always end up laughing. I hope to have many more wild adventures with him.

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