Making Changes

I am trying to expand my horizons once again, and I’m using that line a lot for some reason. Anyway, so I am trying to get into writing and maybe even doing it as a full time gig, which would be my heart’s desire. I have been looking at some sites where I can write and get paid to do it. It may not be not be very much at first, but if I can improve my writing skills, that is a good start for me.

I have also enrolled in some writing classes that start Winter quarter. I’m pretty excited about those as well. I’m taking a basics grammar class, a fiction writing class, and a mystery writing class. They should all be entertaining and teach me better writing skills.

I’m trying to work more on my novel too. It is about half-way done and if I would just commit to working on it an hour or so a day, I could finish it. I could finish the rough draft anyway, and then work on the editing process.

All in all I’m pretty excited about where writing can take me. Its something that I always wanted to do and always loved to do, but didn’t have the time while working full time. If I could get paid to write, then it could become my full time job, and I would be more motivated to write my stories. I’m looking forward to all the things to come in the New Year.

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