Let it snow.

Interesting weather we are having in Washington State this past week, snow. Famously known as the ‘rainy’ state, we are being dumped on in a whole new way…snow and lots of it. It all started late Wednesday night, December 17, the snow came down and covered our entire state in a blanket of white. Many people have been left stranded in their homes, unable to even get the cars out of the driveways. This is the strangest weather we have had in a long time; I don’t remember the last time it snowed so hard here. I measured this morning and we were up to six inches, but now its coming down hard for round three. I seem to have lost my car somewhere out there in the snow,

and its slowly creeping up our front porch steps.

Will we have a white Christmas this year? It would be the first in a very long time, I remember one slightly white Christmas when I was younger early 1990s or so. I have been getting a little restless from being all couped up in the house. I need to search around from snow gear and then go outside and sled or build snowmen or something. Being stuck inside is never a good thing. I haven’t been to work since the snow started and its beginning to look like I won’t be going back until after Christmas if this snow keeps up.

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