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I love projects, they make me happy. I love the challenge of starting something new, making changes, and being proud of the finished product. Home improvement projects are some of the best, because you are taking something you don’t like and figuring out how to make it better. Picking out colors, tiles, carpets, appliances, and so on can be a lot of hassle or a lot of fun.

I have never had a house before, but whenever I go to other people’s homes, I am always thinking of things I would do differently. I now have a Kevin, who owns a home, which needs a lot of work and I’m not afraid to tell him. He is a great guy and knows his home needs some work, but he needs a little motivation…which is where I come in. I have already re-organized most of the house so that it is more “user friendly”.

Our latest adventure actually started when Kevin blew out one of the switches on his stovetop. From there we decided if we were going to buy a new stove top we should upgrade to a nice glass stove top. Since the whole kitchen is circa 1970, we decided we should upgrade the rest of room as well. We have to start small because home improvements cost money. All the doors and cabinets in the kitchen are a very ugly yellowish-greenish color, and that needs to go first.

We started small with the just the island where the glass stove top would be going. We spent the day removing all the doors and drawers from the island and painting them. First, we sanded them all down and cleaned up all the years of crap that was gooped on them. Next, we gave them a primer coat of Killz to cover up the old paint and muck we didn’t get to come off. Finally, when the Killz dried we added one coat of white paint. The difference was shocking when we looked from the completed island to the old yellowy cabinets along the wall. The white really brightens up the kitchen and we have only done a small portion.

It was a very productive day for us and we have only just begun. Kevin plans on re-doing all the counter tops with black granite tile and the floors with hardwood. We still have to do the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen so that they all match. It’s a large project, but I can’t wait to see the full finished result, it will look amazing.

If you would like to see more pictures and/or follow our progression click on the link and prepare to be amazed.
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  1. morester….can i just say im so jealous!!!! i cant wait to have a man with a house that i can make my own personal toy! geeky painting, cleaning, organized gals of the world unite! i did clean jason’s house the other day and organize his clothes while he was at work last week….gratifying, but not nearly as cool as the levels to which you have climbed and i can only attain to!!! love you morey!

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