Guns and Hiking

Anyone who knows me, knows I love adventure and trying new things. I was shy when I was younger and never really tried things because I was scared. Now, I want to do everything and see everything and I’ll try almost anything at least once.

Yesterday, Martin (Kev’s roommate), went to the Gun show at the Puyallup Fair and bought himself a nice .45. Kev decided we needed to break his gun in down at the shooting range. I had never been to a shooting range, nor have I ever shot a gun. So, we loaded up and went to Redmond and the shooting range and it was quite an experience. The boys had a really good time, we went through 2 boxes of ammo. By we, I mean the boys. I shot the gun twice. The first time Kevin held the gun with me, to show me how it was done and to show me that you have to hold it tight because of the recoil. Then I shot it solo, it was loud and the recoil pulls the gun up. It was only a little scary, it would have been more scary had Kevin not helped me the first time. He is a good teacher. I only took two shots and then I gave it back to the boys. They were way more into it and I didn’t want to take their joy away. I had a good time, it was a fun, new experience. They told me next time they will bring the smaller .22 for me to use as it is lighter and would be easier for me to handle.

Today, Kevin and I decided we needed to get out of the house for awhile and get some fresh air. We wanted to take a hike somewhere and Martin suggested we go to Rattlesnake Ridge in the Central Cascades. We drove out there, it took about 30-45 mins, and went to Rattlesnake Lake. The lake was absolutely gorgeous and surprisingly peaceful, not many people were out there when we first got there. We walked out by the lake for a bit and then found the hiking trail. We made it about half-way up, then my knee started acting up and Kev’s hip was hurting him. I know we are such an old, broken, couple…its cute. We came back down before getting to the top, but we did at least a good two miles or so. It was very refreshing and we talked about a lot of stuff. Then, we walked along the river again for awhile, climbed on some rocks and talked some more. I was really thirsty from the walk, so I drank so water from the was really good tasting. After that, we headed home, making a pit stop in North Bend for some food and gas.

Overall, the weekend has been good. I got to get outside a little and spend some quality time with the boyfriend. Each time we hang out, we get to know a little more about each other. We have really good communication which leads to a really good relationship.

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