East Coast Trip

So, I’m on a plane to Baltimore and my first East Coast trip. I’m really excited and pumped about all the new adventures the week holds for me.

Kevin drove me to the airport this morning with a few pit stops along the way. We stopped at McDonald’s where they got his order wrong. Then, I stopped at work because I had a disk the boss needed this week. While at the office, I introduced the Admin and the PIC (partner in crime) to Kevin, I talk about him enough, it was time they met him. I will get their reactions upon my return.

Anyway, I got to the airport about an hour before my flight time. Security was a breeze, took about 2 mins. And then I was off. The boarding gate was A14, which is the newest terminal at SeaTac, and 14 is at the very end. I got a good 5 min. walk out of that deal, I probably needed the exercise, since I’m stuck on a plane the rest of the day. I then made a stop into one of those magazine kiosks and picked up the travel basics: Cosmo, word search, red vines, and animal crackers. As I waited for my flight to board, I called my mom (she’s been in Idaho visiting my sister), we chatted for a bit and she told me she had a good time.

The plane is pretty big, considering what I usually fly on. My longest trips have been 1-2 hours, this flight is 4 hours into Cincinnati, and then 2 more hours into Baltimore. Its one of those planes that has tvs in each seat. Pretty cool, I can watch movies, listen to music, play games, watch tv shows, or watch the progress of the plane. I’m watching a map of my journey right now. 2:13 left to go, not quite half-way there yet. -63 degrees outside, traveling 509 MPH, and we are currently over South Dakota, almost to Pierre. Its entertaining to say the least. Air is pretty turbulently right now, but not too bad. I have to pee and I’m in the window seat, which means I would have to squeeze pass the people next to me and then wobbly my way to the bathroom. I’ll hold it a bit longer, maybe I can make it all the way only two more hours. Okay, I’ll wait until the plane stops shaking all around. Good times.

So, that is my adventure so far. Oh, I saw some ice on the wing when I first sat down and snapped a photo of it. It was only a small patch, but I remember from my Northwest Airlines training that ice on the wings is the most common reason for plane crashes. I had to write it down and take a picture in case we crash and anyone wants to sue. Pretty sure that won’t happen, but I gotta watch out for everyone.

I’m gonna explore this TV gadet and see if I can’t find something entertaining to watch. If not, Kevin downloaded “Californication” and put it on my computer. I think I’m going to try and get some “Dexter” or “Weeds” while I’m at Kari’s house.

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