Date Night

Monday is my day off, so my guy decided that when he got off work he needed to take me out on a date. Granted we have only been dating for two months, but we spend a lot of time in the house watching t.v. due to work schedules and such. He told me dinner and a movie would be fun. Since he was working, I decided to plan some things that would be fun. I’m not familiar with the Woodinville area, but I wanted to go somewhere near water.

First, I map quested the area and looked for parks near the water. Kevin likes to be walked, so I thought we could start out with a walk in the park near the water. I came up with Waverly Beach Park in Kirkland. Near the park are tons of restaurants, so I gave him some options and we ended up just picking something during our walk. Then, I sent him movie times so we could plan when we needed to be back near Woodinville.

It turned out to be a really fun night; we always have a great time together and laugh a lot. We went down to the waterfront and walked around for a bit. We helped a couple bring their boat into the dock, which was highly entertaining. The guy came to close to the dock at first and hit it with the front end the boat, while the back end was sticking way out into the water. Then, instead of hitting it into reverse, he punched the gas and rammed the boat into the dock. Finally, he got it going the correct way, backed it up and brought it in perfectly lined up with the dock. We walked away from that chuckling, trying to decide if he was drunk or just an amateur boat owner. Next, we walked up the road a little bit and down a small road lined with really nice house. We talked about the different houses, which ones were cool and which ones were a bit too much. Then, we walked around the shops and restaurants and finally decided on pizza, it smelled so good. We went to Zeke’s, had some good conversations and some good laughs. After dinner, we came back to Woodinville and went to see “Burn After Reading”. It was an okay movie, not great but not too bad either.

All in all it was a fun night out. I’m still amazed at how well we get along, how much we have in common, and how much we always end up laughing. Kevin is one of the easiest people to talk to and I can share anything with him. He always treats me with respect and does little things to show he cares. It is a pretty good relationship and I hope we have many more date nights.

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