Dangerous Bathroom Adventure

I decided I couldn’t hold it any longer, so I waited until the shaking was nearly finished. I had to wake up the people next to me to get out, even though I offered to just climb over and stick my bum in their face (which makes for a much more interesting plane ride). Anyway, I made my way shakily to the back of the plane. There was one other person waiting to use the lavatory. As I stood awkwardly in the aisle, the turbulences got really bad. I almost fell into the unlucky chick who chose back row aisle (bad choice chicky). Then, I almost fell the other way into some guy’s lap (still not sure if he would have minded or not). Either way, I made it safely into the bathroom and literally fell onto the toilet (its times like this I would advise the men to just sit and avoid spraying everywhere). The plane literally shook the pee right out of me, TMI-maybe, funny-definitely. I was laughing really hard as I peed, and no one to share that moment with, sad. Anyway, I had a very difficult time trying to get my pants back up, the plane was shaking that hard. I finally succeeded and safely emerged from the tiny bathroom. I stumbled back up to my seat, bumping a few aisle seaters on the way. Yes, folks and the journey has barely begun. This is gonna be a great trip.

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