My Mom

My mom cracks me up, she often does things without thinking and can be a little airheaded. I love it, always entertaining when she is around.

Yesterday, she put together a roast for dinner after church. She put it in the oven and turned it on so it would cook. Then, she decided we would just go out to eat. So she takes the roast out of the oven, turns it off, and puts the roast in the refrigerator. Then, my dad talks her into making Roast Beef sandwiches with Au jus, so she takes the roast back out of the refrigerator and back into the oven. She has a meeting after church, so she tells my dad to go to the store after church and get the bread.

I showed up at the house about ten minutes before they got back from church. My dad walks in and asks if I checked on the roast. I look at him like ‘I have no idea what you are saying’. He goes to the oven and pulls out the roast. The pan is warm, but the roast is still bleeding. He asks my opinion of the roast, I say “I think it may still be alive and of course it helps to turn on the oven when cooking things.” My dad shakes his head, sticks the roast back in, and turns on the oven.

About 15 mins later, my mom walks in curious as to why my dad didn’t go pick up bread. He says to her, “You forgot to turn the oven back on”. She starts laughing because it would have been cooking for about 3 hours at this point. She says “okay we are going out then.” My dad tells her the roast has been in the oven for about 15 minutes. From there we have the following conversation:

Mom says: Hurry up and decide where we are going?
Me: why, do you have somewhere you need to be?
Mom; I need to be back in an hour.
Me: Why are you going somewhere in an hour?
Mom: No, I don’t want to burn the roast.
Me: Why don’t you just turn the oven off?

Everyone laughs, including my mom and she finishes with “You are so smart.”

That was one of the highlights of my Sunday.

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