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12 JanDecember 10, 2010

The big day was quickly arriving and I had so much I wanted to get done. I knew I was having a C-section and would be out of commission for a few weeks, so I wanted a clean, organized house. My mom volunteered to come up and stay with us for a week while I recovered and help with the baby. Her birthday just happens to be Dec. 9th, so having our boy on the 10th was like a really big birthday present to her. Funny fact, back in June when we decided to tell our parents we were pregnant, I specifically told my mom by saying “I’m making your birthday present, it may arrive a little late though.” She looked at me confused and my little niece Andrada was at the table with us and mentioned that was 9 months away (although it was actually 6 months). I think my older brother got it first and I told him we might deliver the present on his birthday. I then said the package was due on Dec. 16th…they finally all figure out I was telling them I was having a baby.

Anyway, I digress. My mom came out the afternoon of Dec. 9 and Kevin and I took her out to Red Robin for her birthday and for my final meal. I was feeling pretty good and only a little anxious. It felt more like a dream than anything that I was going to finally be having this baby; this baby that had been growing and moving inside me for 9 months.

The morning of Dec. 10, we had to be at the hospital at 8am. I got up around 7, my bags were already to go. We found out the previous evening that Trenton would be coming over in the morning with his grandparents and we were excited for him to be in the room when his baby brother was born.

We got to the hospital and got all checked in, then we were taken up to the room. I had to get undressed and put on this huge hospital gown (but I wore it for my entire stay). They had to do a bunch of prep work on me to get me already for surgery. This included entering an IV and taking a lot of blood. The nurse tried two times to get the needle into my vein for the IV, but my veins kept rolling away. After two painful attempts, she gave up and called in another nurse. The second nurse also tried two more painful times before she also gave up. They had to call in one of the Doctors who successfully got the needle into my hand after one attempt and without any pain. I had bruises on my arm for a week from the four attempts and it took all I had not to cry because it really hurt when they were digging around in my arms.

Once they got the IV in, Kevin’s parents and Trenton arrived and we chatted for a few minutes. At this point, I was getting really nervous. Not because of the surgery, but because I was so afraid of what to do with a baby. I had never even changed a diaper and now I was about to become responsible for someone who would depend on me for everything. It was overwhelming.

A few minutes later the anesthesiologist came in. He was really nice and patient and explained everything that was going to happen to me from that point on. Basically, I was going to be taken up to the OR where they would do the spinal numbing. Once I was all numb, the surgery would start.

Shortly after he left, Kevin, Trenton, and I were taken to the OR. We exchanged hugs with my mom and the Millers and I was already on the verge of tears knowing my life was about to forever change and anxious to meet my little boy. Trenton and Kevin got all suited up in hair nets and over coats and I was taken into the OR. Trenton had to wait outside until they got me all laid out on the table and covered up. Kevin had to sit with me while they put a needle in my back, which just stung a little bit, but was nerve wracking because you can’t move unless you want to be paralyzed.

The medicine kicked in right away. I felt my legs take on about 50 lbs, they felt really heavy and I couldn’t move them if I tried. The numbness went all the way up too my chest and it was hard to breath. I tried not to panic, but I felt like I was going to pass out and die from lack of oxygen. Luckily, after a few minutes my breathing returned to normal and it felt like something moved off my chest. I still felt really light-headed and high throughout the procedure.

Kevin came over and sat next to me and held my hand and Trenton stood next to him and held my hand too. I teared up a little and the procedure hadn’t even started yet. One of my mid-wives was there too, she was really awesome because she could see over the divider and she told us exactly what was happening as it was happening. After what felt like 5 seconds, they opened up a small window in the sheet and we were able to see the baby get pulled out. I couldn’t really see and I was really out of it so it was okay. He came out pooping and peeing and crying, so I knew we had a healthy baby boy.

Kevin was the first to hold him and him and Trenton got to help and watch while the nurse weighed and measured our baby. I was able to glance over and see my baby from a distance. When I first saw him, I cried. My mid-wife was kind enough to wipe my tears away, it was a beautiful moment.

Maddex Martin (pronounced Marteen) Miller was born on 12-10-10 at 10:05 am, weighing 6 lbs, 11oz and 20 in long.

21 DecInteresting News

On November 18th, we went to the Dr. to go over our birth plan for Baby Miller. I was 36 weeks pregnant and he was getting so big. After chatting with the Dr for a bit, she began her normal exam. As she was feeling for the baby’s positioning a strange look crossed her face. She said she wasn’t sure, but it felt as if the baby’s head was in my rib cage and his bottom along my pelvis…breech. She left the room and grabbed the ultrasound machine to see for sure. Sure enough, we could see clearly on the ultrasound that baby Miller was indeed breech. This presented a problem because of how far along I was, there was little room for him to turn around in utero. The problem with a breech baby, especially if it is your first, is that it is hard to tell if the head will be able to make it through the pelvis. In a normal birth, baby will come out head first and the Dr. can tell if the head will fit through or not right away. Also the skull isn’t fused together tightly in order to help with the journey through the birth canal. With a breech baby, they come out feet or butt first and the head comes out chin first. If for any reason the head isn’t going to fit through the birth canal you find yourself with a bunch of issues or a baby who dies during delivery.

All this being told to us, we were given two options. The first option was to get a version. This is when you go in and the Drs. try to turn the baby around. It has been said it is very painful on the mother and only about 50% successful. In many cases where the version works successfully, the baby turns back around before delivery. The second option is to schedule a C-section, which is also what would happen if the version didn’t work.

Kevin and I wanted a natural birth so we choose to schedule a version for the following Monday. Over the weekend, I spoke with a few people, family and friends, and felt in my gut that a version wasn’t really the best choice for me or baby. If Baby Miller wanted to be upside down, then we would have him cut out via C-section. The version no longer sounded like a good idea. Also, his due date was Dec. 16 and we wanted him out as far from Christmas as possible. We canceled the version and scheduled the C-section. Now, we had a date for baby to come and the planning for it became so much easier. We were going to meet our baby boy on Dec. 10, 2010; a day after my 39 week of pregnancy.

23 JulHalfway There…

I am quickly entering into my 5th month, which means I am halfway there and thank goodness for that. Its all downhill from here. I have been feeling so much better and finally have almost all my energy back. Its been really great for the past month that I have almost forgotten how awful my first trimester was. I have spent the last month or so catching up on all the things I let go to the wasteside while lacking any energy to get up off the couch. Hopefully, in the next week or so I will be able to get back to my writing, which I am really behind on.

June and July have been very busy months for Kevin and I and it seems things are finally slowing down a bit. We seemed to have had a lot going on almost every night. We started taking a Spanish class two nights a week at the community college near us. In 2014, we plan on taking a trip down to South America…actually we plan on driving all the way down and around South America to be exact. Another thing that took up our time was driving out to Port Orchard every weekend for some family gatherings and to visit Trenton. In July, we also had a Peterson Family camping trip out to La Push (but we’ll save that for another blog). It seems now, things are slowing back down to our regular laid back pace. We are putting off continuing our Spanish classes until the fall when things are more stabilized and we have less going on.

The baby’s room is coming along nicely. We have already purchased a crib with a mattress and an infant carseat with two bases (one for each car) and a stroller that the carseat clicks right into…did i mention we have only spent $140 on all that? I love craigslist!! I think we are getting a few items as well from family and friends, so looking forward to that.

Our next big event takes place on Tuesday, July 27th, when we get our ultrasound to find out the baby’s gender. We can’t wait and are praying that baby will cooperate and show us the money. It will be so much fun when we can start buying some clothes and gender specifc things like sheets and blankets and all that fun stuff.

14 Jun13 Weeks and Counting

So I’m at the end of my 13th week being pregnant and what a ride it has been so far.  Kudos to all the women out there who choose to have more than one child, because the havoc it reeks on our bodies is not for the weak.

I started my week on the couch and stayed there until Friday, feeling ill and having no motivation what so ever to move. I wake up most mornings needing some food; my food of choice is cereal such as Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Then, I have to lie on the couch and wait for the food to settle before I can even attempt to do anything else. Some days my stomach hurts all day and other days it only hurts for the morning.

Let’s see what else; oh I had to buy some new, bigger bras due to my enlarging and hardened breasts. They aren’t as tender as they were the first few months, but they are hard as rocks.  I had to go up an entire cup and band size and I think I will need an even bigger one before this pregnancy is over.

This week we went in for all the genetic testing to make sure we were having a healthy baby. They test for all kinds of genetic diseases including down syndrome. It was a little nerve racking because no one wants to hear their baby could have serious problems and then you are faced with a dilemma on what to do. Anyway, no worries are baby is perfectly healthy so far and we continue to pray it will stay that way. 

Here is a picture of our baby at 13 weeks:


It has the infamous Peterson chin… 

We will find out the gender on July 27th and I can’t wait. We are hoping for a girl, but of course we will take a boy too.

Here’s to week 14, I hope I feel better and that my energy level and motivation level starts to improve. I guess I can just pretend I feel great and maybe I will for a change. Until next week!!

06 JunOne Trimester Down, Two to Go

So, I will officially hit 13 weeks in a few days marking the end of the first trimester and the beginning of the second one. I’ve been told things get much better, but so far I have not been seeing it.

Here are some great things I experienced during my first 3 months: 

1)      Fatigue: I have never been so tired and it’s all the time. I can lie on the couch and be out in less than 2 minutes, which is rare for me. There are some days when I need more than 1 nap.

 2)      Morning Sickness: Now, I was not throwing up every day but feeling sick to your stomach and nausea is no walk in the park.

 3)      Non-stop Hunger, yet nothing sounds good at all.

 4)      Aversion to all meats and eggs…which have always been a staple in my diet.

5)      Constant urination: it seems I always have to go especially in the middle of the night and wee hours of the morning.

6)      Waking up at 4 or 5am starving and needing some food.

7)      TMI alert!!! Constantly having to poo, and most of the time it comes on all the sudden and I have to go right then.

Those are the main things going on in my body for the last few months and I’m waiting for those symptoms to stop, of course who knows what is in store for the next 6 months.

I have decided this will probably be my only baby. I am too old for all this body crap and I don’t have the patience to wait for a baby. 6 more months? Are you serious? I just want to be done being pregnant and have a scary baby. Simply meaning having a baby scares me, but we will do okay, I have a good man who will help me out.

I will try to blog more about my experiences of being pregnant since this all new to me and it’s kind of interesting. For now, I must nap.

20 MayPreggers?!?

I wrote this post back on April 10, 2010, before any knew we were pregnant.

Kevin and I have talked about having a child for a while now. We have actually been trying to make a baby for about six months now. This was by no means an “accident”, this was totally, completely on purpose. However, talking about having a baby and actually knowing you are going to have a baby are two different things.

For the past week, I have been having pains similar to cramps and right around my normal time. I hadn’t started to bleed though, and last month I had the same issues. I would have cramps for almost a week before I actually started my period. Sorry, TMI, I know but it’s my blog and I’ll write what I want. Anyway, this month, April, I had the same thing again. Cramps and pains but no bleeding.

There was on small difference though. These cramps were in a different spot. When you are a woman, you know your body. After twenty years of periods, you know your body even more and you know your cramps. These ones were definitely different; it hurt more up toward my cervix.

After a week of nothing but cramps, I did some research online. I have never been pregnant before so I have no idea what to expect. I read a lot of discussion threads where women had strange cramps but no blood, around the time they expected their period. So, what the heck I decided to take a home pregnancy test. I didn’t really expect anything of it, but when I looked down and saw a pale, double blue line I gasped to myself. I ran out and grabbed Kevin, who was lying on the couch with no idea as to what I was doing. I told him I needed his opinion on something. I showed him the test and he said “Does this mean?” and I shrugged and said “I think so.”

A week later I went to the Doctor to get things confirmed and sure enough I have a baby growing inside of me. I’m not sure what to think about the whole thing. I’m excited, nervous, and bursting with news I can’t tell anyone quite yet. Of course, by this time everyone knows, however we aren’t telling anyone until the end of the first trimester. Month and a half to go.

Notes: Yeah, we didn’t make it to the end of the first trimester before we spilled the beans. Information like that is sure hard to keep to yourself.

05 AprSix Weeks to a Healthier Me


So, six weeks ago, or so, I wrote about my choice to go low-carb. I gave up breads, pastas, and junk food for Lent as a starting point. Now, Lent is over and I’m choosing to stick with my low-carb lifstyle and I love it. I lost 10 lbs and have about 10 more to go, plus I would like to tone it up a bit.

Going low-carb was one of the hardest things I did, at first. No breads, no pasta, no junk food, killer. For the first week, I was hungry all the time. I would snack on cheese sticks, veggies, and almonds all throughout the day. I discovered little treats I could have like jello and whip cream and creamer in my coffee.

As the weeks past, I fell into a nice routine and found some stuff I could eat that would fill me up. Honestly, I think I just had to teach my body that carbs sitting in the gut was a bad thing. In the morning, I eat scrambled eggs with cheese (and sometimes spicy sausage), for lunch I make a low-carb wrap with meat, cheese, mayo, and mustard, and for dinner I make some sort of meaty dish.

A few weeks back I got myself a low-carb crockpot cookbook that I am in love with. I made 3 meals out of it last week and have three meals lined up for this week. Eating low carb gets easier and easier with each passing week. The hardest part is finding low-carb things in the grocery store. They have gluten-free stuff galore, but sugar-free and low-carb isn’t quite as popular. I have found a few websites where I can order low-carb things. I should be getting my first order in the next few days. I bought some low-carb baking mix, sugar-free chocolate chips, sugar-free honey, and some coffee mixes that are low-carb.

I no longer eat snacks all throughout the day. I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner and have no need for snacks. I feel better about myself and watching the pounds go away is always a good feeling. I just recently started working out again, doing weight training and some cardio, which has kicked my weight loss back into gear. I had stopped working out while my body adjusted to low-carb, but then got lazy and busy. Now, I’m working out in the mornings again and I can feel all that excess fat burning away.

I’m glad I choose to give up carbs for Lent and I intend to embrace a more healthy lifestyle full of protiens, fruits, and veggies and very little carbs or sweets.

06 MarFinding the Perfect Murder Site


I finally finished my first novel and sent it out to many agents. The results were promising but not good; meaning I got some great advice but I didn’t sell the book. For now, I will set it aside and start on my second novel and revisit the first one later. I think it has a good plot, but needs some stronger characters.

For my second book, I’ve decided to make the setting Graham and Eatonville, WA. There is enough lakes and country out there I think it makes a good place for a murder or two. In this book, I’m going to focus a little more on police procedure and have even formed my own sheriff department and county. It will have more characters with more depth and a small town feel.

To get a better visual on things, I went out with my mom a few weeks back and took pictures of potential murder sites. I know its sounds morbid, but it is all for research. As a writer you really have to get involved in the story and each and every character to make it as believable as possible.

Here are some of the pictures I took:

032_Vga 035_Vga 037_Vga 044_Vga 047_Vga 051_Vga


Nice isolated places with little to no houses around. Grassy areas for dumping bodies and all revolving around water, which is part of the story line.

I think I pick some good, scary places. You have to figure out where they are, but with visuals it helps me paint a much more descriptive picture. Hopefully this book will be ten times better than the first.

28 FebThe Choice to Go Low-Carb


February 12, 2010 (when I actually wrote this)

Kevin and I have been trying different tactics to lose weight and get in better shape. We workout, go for walks, go for hikes, and have even cut down the calorie intake. Nothing really seems to work. I haven’t gained any weight but I haven’t lost any either.

This past week we decided to go drastic, do some research, and then take some steps to more permanent lifestyle changes. Kevin found that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is to limit the amount of carbohydrates you eat each day.

Here is a brief history and the science behind the low-carb diet:

If you look at our ancestors many moons ago, their diet consisted of whatever they could hunt and gather. Meats, fruits, and vegetables. They did not eat processed foods, breads, or pastas for the main reason they didn’t have any available to them. This is the concept of the Primal Diet (, you can browse through this website and blog and get an idea of the science behind the diet. Kevin is really into the science behind things so I let him read about it and then condense it in layman terms for me.

The brief science behind low-carb: if you want to read it yourself or just remember this Carbohydrate drives insulin drives fat. What does this mean? Well, all carbs break down into sugar (glucose) in the body which runs through the liver and is transformed into glycogen, which is fuel for the muscles during exercise. However, we only need to eat a maximum of 100-150 grams of Carbs each day to burn off; otherwise all that extra glucose and glycogen is stored in the body as fat, saturated fat, which sits in the body and doesn’t seem to go away.

The thought process behind the low-carb diet (keeping yourself under 100-150 grams a day), is that with the lowered amount of glucose being produced, your body won’t be storing all that extra fat. And with the lowered amount of glucose producing, your body will tap into those stored fat cells and actually start to burn off some of that fat that’s been sitting around for years. Hence, you will lose weight and eventually keep it off.

When starting a new life changing low-carb diet, it’s a good idea to cut down your carb intake to no more than 20 grams per day for at least two weeks. This will force your body to tap immediately into those stored fat cells and use the fat for energy. Proteins are your body’s best friend, because proteins are what the body burns off as a last resort. So if you are eating more proteins and less carbs, your body has no choice but to pull all of its energy from those pesky fat cells and poof rapid weight loss. However, buyer beware, if you choose to go the low-carb route it would behoove you to keep it up after you lose the initial 10-15 pounds or it will all come back.

What does this new lifestyle entail? Well more meats and proteins, vegetable and fruits, and less breads, pasta, rice, snacks, and junk food. It means looking at labels and not buying things that have more than 10 grams of carbs per serving. However, don’t limit yourself too much or you won’t succeed. Its okay to splurge once in a while and it might actually help limit cravings. I don’t even think it would be bad to eat bread with a meal once a week; or make your own low-sugar bread. Cake at birthday parties, fine just don’t overdo it.

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to put myself out there and document the diet as it goes by. I’ll share what I eat and how much weight I lose each week. I try to only weigh myself once a week and take some measurements to track my progress. I also plan on taking weekly pictures, so that’s really putting myself out there; since women are so defensive of our weight. Hopefully, if this diet works for me it can also work for you.

Look for my posts, I’ll make a commitment to 1-3 posts a week for the next 6 weeks.

26 FebMapi Gets a New Throne



Mapi is probably the most spoiled cat around these parts. He has tons of little mice to play fetch with. He has two or three special forts build just for him because he likes to be buried when he sleeps. And he has many humans to pet him, cuddle him, and do his dirty work. Mapi Deuce is clearly the most spoiled thing in the house, besides maybe Trenton (but he deserves to be spoiled).

For weeks Kevin has talked about building Mapi a ramp across the living room wall up to a perch in the top most corner of the room, and the highest point in the house. Mapi likes to look down on his minions from his high perches.


Finally, Kevin found the time to build the ramp. Over the course of a few months, we slowly accumulated all the supplies we needed to make this happen. It became a matter of finding extra time to construct it.

Kevin spend a few hours on a Friday night putting the pegs in the wall, carpeting the wood, and hanging the wood to complete a masterpiece for a cat. Mapi watched with curious eyes the whole time; it was like he knew something amazing was about to happen and his life would never be the same.



Once the ramp was done, Mapi was a little unsure on how to proceed. Kevin put him on the ramp and then used the laser pointer to guide him to his perch. It took a few trys, but Mapi finally made it to his perch and peered down at us.


The ramp is a little narrow and sits against the wall, so Mapi had to back down the ramp a few times, which was hilarious to watch. He would get halfway up the ramp, get scared, and back quickly down. He hasn’t quite figured out that if he makes it to the perch he can turn around.


We also discovered the perch is a little small for Mapi to lay out on, so eventually Kevin will fix that and make it a bit bigger. For now, Mapi enjoys going up and down the ramp and overlooking his vast kingdom.